DIY Letter Lights

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Produced and Edited by: Dorian Tucker
Videography by Matthew Moran
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peggyt1243 says:

Greyson obviously could do this craft without Sharrah. I would enjoy watching him.

Loss G says:

how did you hang it?

Leona Cline says:

Awesome video…. now I have another reason to get a jigsaw… Thanks for the info

Octagon says:

Fun fact: She wanted the D.


Where did you get the the string of lights from

M. Albrecht says:

I have wanted to make these for my son’s room, Thank you so much for the awesome video!, love you work, You two rock!

Megan Garcia says:

these are gorgeous! however, SOOOOOO glad you made that cardboard marquee letters tutorial for Christmas!!

juliana agnes says:

this is so cool

Claire Bear says:

theres a safer easier way on other videos

Mehmouna Rauf says:

Lol the girl looks like emma roberts!

Mohammad Rakibul says:

awesome idea

misslauranne says:

“Grayson says girls can do it too”.
Oh thank god we have him to let us know we women can use tools just like men. I’ve been using a spatula as a hammer for years.

Dan Wesselman says:

Thanks for the info. They look great!

Seth Hutchins says:

Isn’t that flashing sharp on its edges? Looks dangerous while you handle it on the video.

Love Lights Letters says:

that’s pretty cool!

T Tone says:

Thank you the idea. Im going to create blinking lights for my daughter

Ale Flores says:


camelotrooms says:

Your video looks very professional- you are very talented and organized. it’s really neat and tidy.

I’m saving it for later or for my dad to try it for our family business.

I like the beginning, middle and end. How flows really well; easy to understand.

Joe Holiday says:

this guy is gay right?

wedding photo24 says:

where can i buy the metal?

Corey Williams says:

nice of you to give her the D……get it

fückin eh says:

also how much money did you send per letter?

fückin eh says:

i need a strapping young man to do all the wood work for me and ill do the rest lol

Lulu AlAwadhi says:

super cuuuuuuute

KoalaHug CabeYo says:

this is more like DI WHY am I watching this

Jonathan Godinez says:

About to finish ours!! Can’t wait to show it to you guys! #JSquaredBachata

Dean Road says:

Love, love LOVE!

hektorrdz says:

I´ll give her the D

danieldsch says:

very interesting, I will use a router cnc for cutting the letters and use led lights, if it works I put it in youtube with my stuff. Thanks

Arushi Singhal says:

It’s so cool but so hard and you need a lot of stuff I don’t have.

Saloni K says:

a guy has to tell you that you can do a guy’s work. seriously?? girls can do anything.

fei Hong says:

i come here to learn and see a hot chick

Notorious KSTAR says:

you can buy letter lights at Michael’s or any other craft store

Nick C says:

She loves the D

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