Here is a super easy DIY to make a fantastic ring light for under $35. Lights and adapter were purchased on amazon, and styrofoam wreath was purchased at Hobby Lobby. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for watching!
Strip lights-


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Terri Cooper says:

I absolutely love your idea! My daughter would love this. She does her own makeup. And I could use it for my home decor videos.

Adriana says:

can you link the stuff??

Keena Pearce says:

Best one I’ve ever seen thanks for sharing ♡

Shadrea Williams says:

Simple!! Hands down, the best light video on the tube!

Margarita New York By says:

Love it, gonna make it soon

Moniczulki Monika says:

How long is the led tape?

Kylisha Dean says:

I will be trying this. I like the way that the lights already have the tape on the back.

BeautyBea says:

You used both lights right? Where’s the second cord?

BeyondSideshow says:

It’s very nice! But does the reflective silver tape actually play any part in the outcome?

Vlog do Lisboa says:


Satavisha Chakraborty says:

Can we follow each other and build the community. Will sub to all my new subbies. Subscribe ! #satavishachakraborty

Ll SA says:

Well done

Mark Fauntleroy says:

Nice job! If you wanted to use it for blogging, you’d just need to create some kind of stand for it.

Mike Moor says:

good tutorial …

akame raininken says:

how many inches is your wreath foam?

Piggie Bonita says:

I’ve watched sooo many d.I.y. ring light videos and I have to say your is the most easiest one ive seen. I know I can do this one. Thanks love. Great video and straight to the point. Let me see what else you have on your channel

A'Lexxuis Combs says:

i love it, what did you use to stand up the ring?

its Play time Sis vs sis says:

Subscribed #100 Congratulations on 100 subscribers yaay

Harley Lover says:

I don’t understand how the lights are attached to the ring.

Jignesh Dholka says:

Such beautiful hands .

DaBesDiva says:

On mzjourney ring light video, I can’t tell how are you attaching the led lights around the styrofoam ring.

Sammie Dav says:

This looks better than the other tutorials. GOOD Job !

Philip Christian says:

Sub to sub?

linda 777 says:

Please tell me how you stuck them on and were exactly did you buy everything and the price fantastic job

diana severns says:

Best ring light I’ve seen but I’m confused as to why the tape is on back , how did the lights stick , glue? And what do you use for stand? Instructions are hard to follow

David D says:

That’s one of the best looking DIY ring lights I’ve seen! Very nicely done!

Syd Law says:

Bought everything to make this light and it came out PERFECTLY. Thank you so much. Bought two boxes of lights because I thought one would not be enough but it was. It’s so bright lol.

Red Hendrixx says:

How do you place them on a tripod?

Keyondra Wilson says:

how did you cut the lights ? my lights all worked when i plugged up the black piece that came connected to the lights to the adapter you said and then i cut the first strip after 3 lights and they rest of the strip stopped working. does that make sense ?


Pls where did You get the light? I need it

Roshandra Crossgrove says:

Hello I’m going to try your method …..I was wondering did u have to cut any strips to make them go around with no bulking

Jonnie Fox says:

I agree. Watched tons. Love this one.

I’m Potato says:

But is that safe tho?? Cuz you use styrofoam…

V P says:

I think you can wrap the entire thing with butter paper to spread out the light further, it will smooth out the light more.


i keep staring at your hands, they are really nice! good video too !

Leticia Guerra says:

Thank you for sharing. This is one of the best I’ve seen. Do you mind clarifying how you laid the lights as far as direction?

skimpnskinny says:

I think you missed the most important part of the video… how did you tape, attach or connect the lights to the ring? did you wrap it around?

Katherine Young says:

What size wreath was this? A 12 inch?

HIGH technical digit channel says:



wow nice idea

Ndumi Gcwensa says:

I really like how clean your work is. I’ve watched a few of these DIY’s now and the final products are all so messy.

Jaouad Saddouki says:

Your hands are gorgeous

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