DIY Industrial Light – Scrapwood Challenge Episode Seventeen

Using plane shavings was an experiment and some thing I’ve wanted to try for a while. Even though it worked, if I were to do it again I may try sticking them directly to a piece of thin plexiglass. This would keep them flat and also I wouldn’t have to worry about peeling it back off the work surface!

As always I’m happy to answer any questions.

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Kim Grannygoodhag says:

That does look like bacon. Lol

Gracebeliever077 says:

Sure does look like strips of Bacon. Wish bacon came in strips that long!

brainfornothing says:

Thanks for sharing !

Rolly101 says:

As i watched this i was wondering how come you only run the clear plexi glass around the ends and not all the way around. Then noticed you have mentioned it in your video description lol. Its a brilliant job all the same 😉

Paul Vandeven says:

Congratulations!! on 100th video—-Love your Videos!

Valiant Woman says:


Electronics Developer says:


luiz sauber says:

beautiful job

5050ShopSDB says:

Who are those people out there, who do not like this? Love it!

محسن باقری says:

جالب بود tankiu

Ryan Murray says:

That. Is. Hands. Down. The. Coolest. Lamp. EVER!!!!!!!!

David Mitchell says:

This is one of the most amazing creations, I love it so much and I’m looking forward to trying something similar myself!! Thanks for sharing, you are a legend!

Ortney Brown says:

That’s just beautiful art right there. Nice work

DRDEE says:

This is dang amazing. I feel like I need to step up my wood game.

Sean Scott says:

It’s cool and looks like bacon! I like it

David Light says:

GORGEOUS!!!!! Nice job sir!!!

Renegade Show says:

That is a really cool project.

Hope Rules says:

Am I the only one who saw this as bacon strips?

wallabmx says:

do u live near a racetrack?

Jayme Capurso says:

SOme dam fine work there, thanks for sharing…

LED Make Light says:

Nice made, funny background sound, it sounds you’re next to a race track

шшш says:

Мне кажется что без охлаждения светодиодные ленты быстро выдут из строя. А так то да круто!

polk says:

The forbidden bacon

Thanos Panousis says:

Fun project!

bobrovalex says:

hi, you connected strips in series. Better do in parallel

Bart Thatcher says:

Awesome!!!! Digging the new lamp!!

Ian Bye says:

I absolutely love the videos you post and marvel at your creativity and skill,keep them coming.

projekt89130 says:

Awesome project!

Pedro Henrique Drope says:

Sir, awesome project!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I really appreciate it!!! Congratz from Brazil!!!

Andrey Gizma says:

Столько ебаться из-за такой хуйни! Чушь!!!

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