DIY Hassle Free PVC Light Fixture (Vivarium, Terrarium, Aquarium, etc.)

Whether you keep fish, reptiles, amphibians or plants, light is a universal consideration. Trying to choose the right bulb or fixture is something that all of us do and often times it’s quite expensive. I’m always working on budget as I’m sure many of you are, which means I must be resourceful.

With that said, I aim to come up with plenty of DIY lighting solutions that are cheap, effective and in most cases easy to make. These PVC light fixtures are something that I came up with a few weeks ago. Each one only cost about $25 to make and are extremely easy to make at that. Plus it can be used on pretty much any type of setup with any kind of bulb.


Mini Gerg says:

I built one of these for my 60 gallon vivarium. Measured and cut all the pieces assembled everything to make sure it fit and was the right size all before realizing my cords wouldn’t fit through the 1inch PVC. Any suggestions? Besides starting from scratch with wider PVC?

yomomajumprcables says:

Hey THANK YOU for the ideal did it today turned out great .

Nicole Jackson says:

Very smart! Thanks for sharing.

SequoiaElisabeth says:

I love your Betta tank with the plants growing out of the tank! If you have time I would love to see a video on how you did this. Thanks for all you do. 🙂

TuckerSP2011 says:

It came out really well for a diy project, it definitely looked professional. I could see someone simulating a bronzed look as well. The pvc pipe cutter was a great tip. Excellent tutorial as usual!

Finnegan Kenner says:

you should do a video on making an indoor tortoise enclosure. ,,

Riley McPherson says:

Great idea… heading over to the hardware store now.

Johnny Phive says:

Hey serpa, very cool video and very helpful too. I’m in the middle of building a 500 gallon plywood plywood aquarium. I dont have the luxury of mounting a light fixture to my ceiling. I want to build the same replica of your design but at a larger scale. Where did you get the pendant light without a on/off switch? I’ve been looking everywhere on Amazon and they all come with on/off switches and I’m afraid those wouldn’t fit through the diameter of 1″ PVC pipes and fittings. Thanks in advance for your reply.

Benji_Skywalker says:

This can be used with terariums right?

Abinaya Fuun says:

What lights should we use for plants?

WeS DMF says:

U can also cut PVC with mason string if u don’t have a sturdy saw or don’t wanna spend money on pipe cutters.just my 2 cents.

Nariyan says:

Hey there! so I have a question about the long term maintenance of your crested gecko enclosure. do you have to clean it out every now and then, and if so about how often? love your videos by the way. 🙂

Vee•Sent•Days’ -EnDZ says:

Awesome & very professional!!!

Fernando Gallegos says:

you the man..simple,fast,cheap and looks awesome.could you share the names of the plants in your tanks and what do you use as ferts.thanks keep them coming

Tsal Vlaxitov says:

I have a 20 gallon bubble bowl that I couldn’t find a way to properly light to save my life. Thanks to this video I’m going to combine this idea with a 1-7 socket splitter, 7 gooseneck socket extenders, and 7×10 watt led spotlights.

Jesse James says:

Wow, a real einstein

Sharon Wyly says:

I built my lighting setup for my 125 gallon tank somewhat similar to this, but I didn’t have shades on my lights so now I can go back and improve my setup. Thanks for the information.

Something Fishy Juno says:

Hey buddy, I tried doing this thanks to you. I can give my mom a new light fixture. I’ll shout out to you when I make the video. You are a lot of help buddy. check out my channel too of you can. by the way, I used an LED flood light. Do you think it’s better with or without the planter?

Boofy Boi says:

Tanner, your videos are really improving and we all can tell. Your hard work really pays off, look forward to each video

Mr NonCooler says:

Do we really need lights?
I really need to know because
im making a terrarium..
*Which is nice*

Something Fishy Juno says:

Hey dude, watch my latest video about the DIY light fixture. I mentioned you there.

wings veritas says:

Brilliant! Using this for my frog set up and can’t wait! Will save me time and money on lighting material 🙂 Thanks!!

Benji_Skywalker says:

Can i use this with an exo terra terarium?

Mike Filipek says:

What type of plant is that sticking up out of the water?

CollegeBettas says:

Great DIY. I was going to do The King of DIY ‘s hanging flower pot lights, but this makes more sense for me to do as a student. About how much did it cost and can you get all of those things from a regular hardware store?

RalphPhillips724 says:

how do i choose the right light for plants?
can i use every led?

Baily Leiphart says:

lol caught the elbow thing early my ocd went crazy

Ariel Figueroa says:

Serpa great slick and smooth design, I just made one today for my 29 gl setup that i’m making for a planted tank. It looks so sweet that people are going to think i bought it jajaja. Love the black color. It’s in my living room so my wife said if it looks ugly no way its going in here. when she saw it love at first site. Just one question i put 60 watt 6,500 k bulbs do they grow plants well. it looks nice and bright but really dont know ? Thanks man and keep us to date with your DIY projects. And just found your channel 2 days ago awesome.

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