DIY Hanging Edison Light

This is my take on a hanging bulb Edison lamp. This is a Christmas present that I made for my parents. They have a rustic country style to their house and they REALLY needed a light for the patio. I learned a lot on this build and am really happy with the final product! I hope they enjoy it! Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!

Hanging Light Hardware

Edison Bulbs used


Hey Huda says:

Ugh sexy as hell when a man can do wood work !!! Love working hands

Daniel Katona says:

Great lights! If you want to see more like them, check out the handmade lighting at

They have great rustic and industrial type lighting!

Wayne Chia says:

which stain color u use? minwax honey?

Richard Fernandez says:

Justin, great vid, great light!

Question; what’s the music please???


Keep the vids coming!

Paulo Pinto says:

Hello Justin. Thank you for sharing your project, your errors and, most of all, your parents enjoy.

Laiken Olivier says:

Hi, can you post a link to the switch you got?

Bestow Films says:

your background music sounds like it could be in FLCL

Roger St. Jean says:

Yes I’m currently building one but a little at odds as to how to connect all the lights together, would love to see how its done.

Chris P says:

great vid — working on a similar project for a kitchen island.

Melissa T. says:

I really love this idea and have been wanting to make a light for my outdoor patio. What did you use to hang it? I have a flush aluminum awning and I’m not sure about the support.. it doesn’t look to heavy, any advice?

Eunique Beautae says:

cool idea. your parents were so pleased.

Sean Willis says:

Just an FYI. On the next one you build you really need to put the dimmer in a junction box as well. They are not rated to be outside of a box by itself. Very cool build though! I love the simplicity!

Conner Monier says:

You can learn more about it on stodoys website I think.

Austin Wang says:

How many lumens do those bulbs put out?

Chino Mirabueno says:

awesome job dude!

Candice Loyst says:

was hoping to see how you connected all 4 together

Norman Honrada says:

Really nice mann

MaxZockt says:

Cool idea, I will build for my living room

Chris says:

*This is a very good idea 🙂 thank you*

Justin Leininger says:


noface says:

just for information, incandescent/filament light use voltage limiter dimmer (to make it dim, just decrease the voltage, this is what conventional dimmer did). while LED use current limiter dimmer, change the voltage only cause it on/off/blink (caps charging), you need current limiter to make the LED dim. most fluorescent light (like in your case) is not allowed to use with dimmer (dimmer just kill the bulb), you need special dimmable fluorescent light to use with dimmer.

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