DIY Glowing Mushroom Lights ( with AND without a 3D printer )

Shopping List:
– MeltInk Aqua Glow Filament :
– 3DSimo 3D Pen :
– Lumina Air Dry Clay :
– Sculpey Translucent Clay :
– E6000 Glue :

Mushroom Cap STL files :

It’s DIY day with these enchanting mushroom lights! Watch as I go over two different ways to make these really cool glowing mushrooms. One method uses 3D printing and 3D pens, while the other is more old school.


Jonas Farias says:

Muito lindo!!!

DrGlauber412 says:

You my friend are talented. I’m going to attempt this one day. Such a great idea for a child’s night light!

Alpha Entry says:

I like the first one

TheTranq says:

You should do a video on how you modeled the mushrooms in fusion!

Code-Grammar says:

I like yours Devin 😀

CooL GaminG says:

Dat mustache dogh I like it

WillieRants says:

I like them both. The 3D printed one would’ve really stood out if you added a simple pulsing circuit to allow the mushrooms to go from light to glow very slowly and perhaps even a bit randomly.

Po Dog says:

One word of advice, try heat shrink tubing for your connections. The stuff is so inexpensive it’s almost free.

blinddragon1960 says:

Like them both. Nice job

CinemaTablet says:

Well, I cannot say which is better. But I have both materials ready. Creating certainly nice atmosphere!

TheTranq says:

Man that is an awesome project I’m gonna try and make one


I don’t have a 3D print lol

Fernando Gazzola says:

cool stuffs!

Ivan Salinas says:

You should make a balisong butterfly knife with your 3D printer

William Bearchum says:

I like his better

Drobiczak says:

Should’ve used shrink wrap tubing

Robin Moussu says:

I discovered your channel recently, and I absolutely felt in love with the content. Amazing work.

Christian Greene says:

He got the hot glue at the arts and crafts store.

Steve Barrett says:

Great looking project, either one would do…

Little Paranoid Kid says:

Jeeez!! It looks like it came out of a fairytale! So cute!

My Family says:

I personally like the plastic mushrooms

Dazbrick Lego says:

I’ve had the same issues as you with 3D pens that break too often. Any advice about brands or operational tips to get more life out of the pens?

gksora says:

hey, i have a question, will you use and try a product called “plastimake”

Dogfight Dixon says:

Insider did a video on you

the black dragon g says:

i do 🙁

lol I was wrong Chsmpion says:

Ive been watching since mega clippers

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