DIY Glass Speaker / Edison Light (build at home instructions)

In this video I’ll be showing you how to build your very own glass Bluetooth speaker, with an integrated LED filament light to mimic an Edison lightbulb or an old valve amplifier!
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Links to the various items needed for this project:

3D Files for printing (includes tutorial): (FREE for Patreon contributors)

LED Filaments:
Adjustable Voltage Regulator (for LED Filaments):

Speaker: (out of stock so price is unusually high at the mo!)
Bluetooth Module:
5V Power Isolator (powers the Bluetooth module):
5V Regulator (powers the above isolator):

Copper Wire:
Power Adapter:

Circuit ‘diagrams’ (just shows you where to connect the wires):

Acetone smoothing video:


m.ali petek says:

You have a weird taste of aesthetic.

Wilson says:

First I thought that’s nothing for me, only decoration, then some time later I klick on it and see a really great idea, just imagine you have four of them in every corner in your sleeping room or maybe somehow on the corners of the bed and nice boogie woogie music… ladies won’t leave anymore, rather throw you out.

Legion of Weirdos says:

The link to the speaker shows a $300 price! ACK! For an UNBRANDED 2inch 10watt speaker? Even if it were cheap, I’d probably opt for a Tang Band driver from Parts Express for about $25.

King Of The King says:

very nice video. i also have one speaker from coffee box

Kofiddleboy says:

Awesome! Would it be possible to make two of them and connect them to a subwoofer and run them all off of one amp for a full speaker setup?

Victor Sidharta says:

I wish I could buy this in stores.. Everything about your channel is awesome!

Hyper says:

4:20 – A dust mite on the speaker. lolwut

murraystrand says:

Very nice!

Constant Throwing says:

I swear to god every aspect of every project you do is so amazingly executed.

S B says:

Is it just me or is the haircut somehow related to this?

Todd Stuart says:

Do you think you could do a dual speaker version with bass?

LEGENDoha9876 says:


Thijs de Bont says:

“… to help limit the current to the LED’s as they warm up…” Really???

Daniel Billingslea says:

Anybody else notice the bug crawling at 4:20?

Clint Sulis says:

This is brilliant. I love what you do. Thanks for getting on Patreon so I can stop sponging off your free videos! 😉

Renato Malcher says:

Hi! Could i pair with more than one at the same time? Very cool project!!!!!

eurootje says:


sandy santhosh says:

is it just me or his voice is GOD like!

damarh says:

how does the speaker fare with some trap music ?

Bedroom Workshop says:

very cool project! I love what you did with the LEDs

MÁY CHIẾU PHIM TỰ CHẾ - diy projector says:

I like diy

Brendan O says:

the speaker costs 300usd now LOL

Zaid Hussain says:

Very nice project as usual , the idea of softening the 3D printed object is completely useful , I will try it soon , want to ask you about the name of the plant on the table showing on the first minute of the video , it has very nice green locking , thank you for sharing

Yves BAZIN says:

really cool !!!

vorontsovk says:

Love your videos!

Fernando Martínez says:

It would be nice if you let the led dim according to the audio playing 😀

Subrata Dey says:

This is really good, really like the way you explain. I have a question, you play music in a higher volume and one that has some bass.. Wont the vibration make the structure fall off….?

ph1l1pp says:

Is there another word for power isolator? And maybe also a german word? Can’t find one in germany.

jlinkels says:

Great project. The use of the 3D printer is completely appropriate here — while it is absolutely not in a lot of other projects. It seems that everyone has forgotten the trick to perfectly straighten a piece of (enameled) copper wire. Take a piece of 1 or 2 meters, clamp it in a vise. Grab the other end firmly with pliers or locking pliers and pull slowly but firmly. Do not jerk! Once you feel the copper wire stretching (a few mm for 1 meter wire) the wire is perfectly smooth and straight.

The Cashier TV says:

$300 for a small speaker? You have to be insaine to pay that much for any speaker

Ultrarmx says:

Can you do a video on how to add your old car radio with Bluetooth? I want to keep my stock radio in the car. It’s a 2002 civic si. Awesome video

frankytap says:

Really nice! Would it be super hard to connect 2 of those with an sub for 2.1 sound? ^^

Matthew Nicholson says:

Such a nice DIY Project!

Simon Callender says:

Would have been cool if the led’s Reacted to the sound!

Steve Potter says:

The power supply looks like $35 is that correct.

Krystal says:

Upscale the design and use with a home sound system.

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