DIY Electric Light Up Longboard! – (Headlights + Underglow)

Check out the Electric Board:
Here’s how I turned my electric longboard into a cool night rider by adding led head lights and underglow. This makes the board perfect for night time and it also looks amazing! I hope you enjoy the video 🙂

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Cole Weber says:

Smoke would be awesome

Ebony Dubois says:

puddle of water

just think about that for a second.

Jonah Heisey says:

This is really cool

Niels fokkink says:

Longboard with spymods

Lord_of_the_turtles says:

this is the new “hoverboard”

GreatSmithanon says:

Permanent brackets for everything would be good, and having everything remote activated via an arduino or something.

ItzFrosty VI says:

this is useful for my friend

Ethan Galluzzo says:

You should make it have a blue trail of smoke.Or a fog machine

Fierce APOLLO says:


W Machine says:

youtube has all the answers

Orlando Jaimes says:

make it into weapon

The Pro Gamers / ذا برو جيمرس says:

do a tutorial for diy electric skateboard

E Peel says:

Cool! Must be really fun to ride. Great vid. keep them coming.

Matthew Jessup says:


WaterMaster says:

Nice job how much was the led strips

Tolulope Akadiri says:

I wanna be friends with this guy

Teddy Ruxpin says:

now put a paintball or Airsoft gun on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr.Luck says:

Jlaser did you spend 700 hundred dollars on that board


+Shonduras Check this guy out!

Memphis Fury03 says:

I’m early

Lets Onewheel says:


Liz Durkee says:


Saggy Mc Fat Sack says:

do it with the suite

Logan Thibodeau says:

do you do shout outs if you do can you shout out my other channel

DubstepElite 200 says:

so, how is that flying thingy-majigger coming along?

Logan Thibodeau says:

do you do shout outs if you do can you shout out my other channel

jack cumming says:

What is brand name called?

Josh S says:

Have you ever tried to make a regular longboard into an electric longboard? you could like figure out the minimum size of the motor needed to push someone, that would be awesome.

Sano Bezho says:

Do DIY Electric longboard video 🙂

Tai -Jackson says:

Add a BB gun to the side and make the board have a smoke trail that would be awesome

ThatsKarmaForYa says:

#givemeaboostedboard 🙂

Nick Garber says:

What is the brand of the longboard?

Erazem Kokot says:


JW Minerz says:

do more of these

Javier Aguilar Parrilla says:

#GiveJLaserVideoaBoostedBoard !!!

Gamer XD says:

when r u gonna work to ur jetsss i am excited for u

César Grimmelprez says:

Are you one the esk8 forum?

jamie wolfe says:

love your videos bro keep up the good work

Tolulope Akadiri says:

I wanna be friends with this guy

jack 123 says:

You should put the big electric fans one that

BreadTv says:


Creative Mind says:

plz subscribe to my channel

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