DIY Edible Glow Light Bulb Jelly & Coca-Cola Jello Gummy

🌈 DIY Edible Glow Light Bulb Jelly & Coca-Cola Gummy

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Amauri Ap.Alves says:

pode comer?

Chelsea Javan says:

what is the song

Santi Bonilla cuesta says:

Se puede comer


amazing video! Love you!

king of puzzles says:

Very Cool Video Yeahh!!!!

joel Sutton says:

youare really a fan of jello

Danny Key says:

Me: Lightbulb.

kinisena nguyễn says:

where can we find the mold

Unicorn Master says:

LOVE UR VIDEOS IM A MASSIVE FAN! If u respond to this I will cry and PLS subscribe to my YouTube channel

Hannah Lombardi says:

If that’s orange juice that you just poured in that Coca-Cola, I’m unsubscribing

Really Amelia says:

Coolest thing I’ve seen

Arwen Lua says:

When I clicked it, it hadn’t even been on YT for 1 minute and it had 12 comments. O.O I wasn’t one of those, because I hadn’t watched the video, because in South Africa it was late at night, so I had nothing to say other than “FIRST!” and EVERYBODY hates those comments.

Trang Bui says:

không có ai là người Việt à

марина празукина says:

EMAIL ANNIVERSARY DOTYDIERYTYRYRYTYRTYRTYRTYRŤ em h bc hvguhgyc? toy emotional?? Malcolm gov from reko Deut….

cyka blyat says:

Why am I here

Rominas cosas fantasticas romina ranguel says:

wow me encanto muchicimo

Fnaf Lover12345678910 says:

Did she put fanta in it

Nene Cortina says:

whos watching this in 2017

Mỹ Kim says:

5:24 what’s the song?? plz

Lora Maria says:

2.24 music pls 🙂

Chelsea Javan says:

what is the song

JuJu Carol says:

mais alguém aí é do BRASIL,ou é só eu aqui em galera????????

Ashataie Hopkins says:

cool music and video

La Cocina Del Sur says:

Donde se puede ver los ingredientes en español? Gracias

Joselyn Portillo says:

You should put the first sound it sound more perfect not trying to be mean and like your light bulbs I made it glowed so pretty t night

Jason Fukedyabish says:

What’s the first song I clicked the link and it didn’t work

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