DIY Diva Ring Light | Under $25

DIY Diva Ring Light for under $25! This DIY is great for film makers and you tubers. You can make your own ring light instead of spending 200+ on a Diva Ring light. I got all of my supplies from Walmart and it took me less than an hour to make.

This ring light really made a huge difference while recording videos. My lighting has changed dramatically and this is the best DIY that I could’ve made.

Green Wire Wreath:

LED Lights:


🎥How I stand my DIY Diva Ring Light:

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AdelaineMorin says:

You are a genius!!

thatsSteph says:

this is so great i was about to buy a professional light for like 50$ or more haha, thank you!

HavenLily says:

I am so impressed with this DIY. There was one thing I didn’t understand. When you attached the wreath with the lights to the cardboard using zip ties, did you punch holes in the cardboard to get the ties through it? I couldn’t really see how you were doing that part. I am definitely going to try this DIY. Thank you for showing how to do this.

TheMsdanybaby says:

hey ! you did good 🙂 , I just posted my first video and was wondering if you could check it out & give me some tips on how I could improve my videos

ItsBy Irma says:

where can i buy the led lights that u have??

Jhally Official says:

no discription from where i can get the light

Laurincz Lara says:

Where did I get that ring?

Madi Shick says:

what is the wax paper for

solangy morel says:

Where did u get the lights from

Nicole De La Cruz says:

Going to walmart for the 4 the fourth time !

Camden's Corner TV says:

I want to make one! That’s so cool!

Nikki York says:

I have to try making this! amazing!

Alexis Moreno says:

where can i get the lights?

Vanessa Stacy says:


Everything 4fun! says:

I know I’m late but thank you so much

Jenny Acosta says:

What’s the wax paper for?

Kristupas says:

whats the background music?

I love reborns 0221 says:

where do you get the light rope thing

Karina Martinez says:

it wont catch on fire?

It's christy says:

I’m scared to do this bc i might burn our house lmao. Is this safe fr?

Trinity Heilbrun says:

Where did u get the lights

Kimberly Purcell says:

I forgot to ask: how do you attach it to a tripod?

Candaceq P says:

Such an awesome idea!

Marissa Castro says:

why did you put wax paper over it?

Jeff Vasquez says:

probably best to use a razer for the cutting

chezamau says:

Try an exacto knife instead of scissors for the cardboard~~ Much easier. (in the middle of making this right now. ^^)

Amour Princesss says:

Thank you

Stephanie Bryant says:

why the wax paper?

Selenceli says:

What is your musics name???? Please answer

Kayleigh French says:

Anyone know a U.K. Version of the wreath??

The Beauty Bunny says:

Hi  Tanieya! I just created my own *heart-shaped* ring light based on this tutorial and I gave you a shoutout!! heehee
The video just went live on my channel 🙂 Thanks so much for this tutorial girl, you have improved my selfies by 100x ♡

Gabriela Romero says:

Where do u get the light.? Nd wat voltage.?

Imani Obi says:

where did u get the light from

BackToBlackEyes says:

Do you need the wax paper on it? I made this and mine looked good without it. Do you think it has a benefit?

Kathleen Tan says:

This is very helpful!

Maiva Maree says:

What purpose does the wax paper serve?

Raeforreal says:

I can’t wait to try this !!!

Cindy Kha says:

If you sub to my channel i will sub back

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