DIY Desk Lamp with Color Changing LED Light

I partnered with Home Depot to make a DIY LED Desk Lamp with a color changing LED light bulb. This DIY desk lamp has woodworking techniques to make walnut mitered frames that are spaced apart by brass sleeves. The top has a knot filled with gold epoxy resin for a little flair and translucence for the LED light to shine through. The mood lamp is a fun woodworking project and can be altered for an easy DIY project using store bought lumber. #woodworking #lamp #led


➤Check out the Wiz 60W Color LED Light Bulb at the Home Depot:

➤Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate):
Wiz 60W A19 Color LED Bulb –
Brass sleeves –
5/16” dowels –
5/16” drill bit –
Lamp wire –
Light toggle switch –
Porcelain socket –
ISOtunes Bluetooth Earbuds –
2:1 Epoxy –
Gold Pigment –
Table saw push block –
Bandsaw push block –
Bandsaw –
Jointer –
Orbital sander –

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Ricc Ballard says:


Well you asked.

Marc J. Nakleh says:

this is a great project. However, correct me if i’m missing something, but you can buy a 2-pack of the bulbs on Amazon for the same price as 1 bulb on Home Depot.


Por favor saludame en tu próximo vídeo

Kayla Fnaf lover says:


Professor Studios says:

You could also add a thin filter paper for diffusing some of the light if desired. It looks great tho!

Jinx Mallory says:

Hello I’m new

Fortnite king Cool says:


Doni Stavolt says:

Hallo, i like it, simple and elegant, keep doing it.

Brian Prusa says:

Bumped over 350k! Nice build BR!

Andy Rea says:

Awesome lamp! This will definitely be added to my DIY Build playlist. Thanks for the inspiration.

zyphon7 says:

“Made the assembly much smoother”. Ha, I see what you did there…

TITAN Chicken says:


Donnie Lerch says:

Making my own version now!

BOBBY says:

Are the strips half inch by half inch

Jer Parker says:

Hello! good stuff here! keep it up.

asian_ boy says:

Earned a new subscriber! 🙂 My made me a tree house when I was little and a mini house using Cardboard but we had to move houses and since my dads kinda old, he cant do the things like old times. Still love him tho, 😀

Hey I'm a Maker says:

Looks great, What inspired you to build this?

Theresa Pittman says:

I’m not a woodworker, I just enjoy your videos, so I really appreciated you mentioning that if something doesn’t feel right, find a different approach. I never considered that one’s body might have an internal instinct about how to precision cut a piece of wood. Hunting instinct, instinct to protect one’s children, yeah, sure. But a precision wood cutting instinct, never would have guessed! But you’re right. Your body is giving you feedback about visibility, space, maneuverability, etc. and it ‘not feeling right’ is saying, “the chance of injury from repeating this function increases exponentially with each repetition.” Okay, let’s not do that again!

Luis Withonei says:


Andrea Diaz28 says:


Dragon Warrior 85 says:


LuckyGuy098 says:


Michael Galindo says:


Julian Sanchez says:


Mind Made Design's - DIY says:

Nice square light

Emer Kavanagh says:

Hello hello

Maharlika Flores says:


Tim Mills says:

Super cool build Brad! I need to make something like this for my daughter. I have so much exotic woods kicking around!

TomMareAdventers says:


Caden Castillo says:


Raef Schaffer says:

You should make a epoxy and wood door

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