DIY Concrete Pendant Light | Modern Builds | EP. 43

Today I’m going to build a large, hanging, concrete pendant light using a single 80 pound bag of quikrete. This project is heavy so if you plan to build it, be sure to be careful and safe.

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Thanks for watching! -Mike Montgomery


Bien Mesana says:

you forgot to put oil before you pour the concrete. Anyways you’re great!!!!

lhbear says:

I was thinking about the weight problem,  same design but carved out of  a block of polystyrene, then covered in fine mesh, stick a layer of vinyl re enforced concrete grout or mortar to the mesh, let it dry and you have the concrete looking lamp without the weight.

Maria Espinoza says:

That’s awesome, I loved the idea. Something that could be worth doing would be putting in foam into the concrete to make it a little lighter and metal mesh to give it some strength. Who knows maybe used right with some experimenting might be enough to cut its weight by half. It would make me feel safer knowing there isn’t a 100 lb light fixture hanging over my head.

Fletcher Hurst says:

An RC death trap.  Might as well put some candles around the top.  Good luck.

Elad Bruchim says:

you should use soap or oil for your mold
that way the mold would basically snap off from the concrete very easily

Letícia Fiedler says:

amazing!!! ;))))))))

nou boy says:

thumbs up

Mike Baranov says:

one thing i see people use is a vibrating toothbrush to get the bubbles out

Darian Williams says:

Why do you like to use concrete so much? Just curious

Joaradid Rodriguez says:

It rest put an advice under the pendant light “Don’t stay here for your head integrity”

james williams-khan says:

looks great but would be good if you show it with att lights off so we see how much lught it comes out with

Erdem ünlü says:

first of all it looks good but… You have a heavy lamp stuck to your ceiling over your head; if anything goes wrong you may have a big headache that I wouldnt take a chance. you can make the lamp lighter if you use styrofoam and coat it with cement.

Jack Duncan says:

thats was awesome. but would an easyer way to do it. get a giant block of styrofoam and roughly carve out the mold and then line it with that wood stuff. i dont no if it would be as good but i think it would be easyer. mabey u should try it

Allan Mitre J. says:

Awesome video. Try to grease / oil your form, its gonna make your life easier 😉

Mike Baranov says:

gluing paper would be easier to peal off the concrete

rene chavez says:

Nice project
you might want to try frosting lacquer for your acrylic diffuser you will get a nice and even frosted look

Michael Mulligan says:

oil the forms net time with gear oil . Use a paint brush

bitsorbytes says:

Few things…. thats a heavy but cool looking light. I kind of feel you should have used an aerated concrete mix that would have massively reduced the weight!

Plus some rebar if things so south while up in the air.

Lastly, a bit of spray oil from the kitchen is your friend in helping those moulds pop in the end!

Matthew Armour says:


Ignacio Herrero says:

next time, paint the mould with used engine oil

Pulkit Popli says:

why didn’t you use plaster of Paris?

Martijn Brands says:

Nice project! To get more bubbles out, you can use a sander very well.

I would use some rebar in the concrete and also use that to connect the hanging wires. So it can’t break or come lose and destroy anything underneath it. 80+ pound of concrete is quite heavy when it knocks on your head.

Mateusz Maciąg says:

I’ve done a similar lamp for my girlfriend’s birthday. She was amazed, thank you! 🙂 BTW I just subscribed.

carogza21 says:

Love it!!

sorlino89 says:

right, can i buy it?

Yudi Soesanto says:

what an awesome idea. can you come out with more projects using concrete, perhaps something simpler for an amateur

amrillah ahmad says:

great idea

Denis Amplifire says:

Good job, mate. But i would oil that forms and use a light cement mix with fiber. Cheers!

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