DIY Concrete Lamp | LED String Lights

Make a lamp using concrete and led string lights.

Led String Lights
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Written article on Instructables

– Litom Led String Lights
– Glass Vase 10 1/2 Inch
-1 inch Weather strip foam
– PVC Pipe
– Concrete

Types of Tools I used
– Miter Saw
– Hand shovel
– Hot Glue Gun
– Palm Sander –
– Drill
– Masonry bit sit –
– oscillation tool



Basil Loizou says:

That was cool

mason says:

great build, It has a nice classy modern look to it. and so much for a couple thousand likes LOL

Jim Burke says:

Cool idea, thanks for sharing

Вольный Кафельщик says:


HisDaughter88 says:

nice!!!! you are so creative!

Vns Vishal says:

If using concrete is intimidating,you could use plaster of paris.

Jeremian Lastly says:

I don’t want this to be interpreted wrong, but its good to see a black man doing this kind of stuff on youtube! The diy community on youtube is very light, it’s good to see you mixing things up! Peace from the east coast!

Shane Jennings says:

Have you ever thought of doing anything with casting resin? I think you’d probably have trouble going to sleep from all the ideas if you started playing with that stuff.

Luiz Rodrigues Neto says:

You should have smeared the shape with burnt motor oil. We use this in forms for precast concrete. The process of unforming becomes much easier

Bob Rhoades says:


Bulletsponge says:

nice video man!

Richard Wheatley says:

do this with wood posts outside and they would make amazing tiki torch replacements.

freddy guzman says:

this brother is doing it rite!

diana dominguez says:


julianne11spade says:

awesome build man

Mei Peony says:

If you sold these I’d buy them juss sayin

Frank Bonilla says:


Bleepstick says:

Awesome video bro. This is a really cool idea for outside around the deck. !! Will be trying this soon !!

DIY Creators says:

New Concrete Lamp

trtlgrdl says:

Dude, thats awesome. Looks cool, and I am going to try this one.

Patrick Nolan says:

Very very cool project. new fan and subscriber.

Chuck Courville says:

I will make these indeed. As a sculptor I would mix brass steel wool into the cement and then you can ad a patina finish and this keeps the cement stronger and a bronze like finish.

HK_Boreas says:

just one video i watched n I subscribed. I inspired by diy’s n i love to make this one.

omar omar says:

very nice
good work

The Jr. Engineer says:

nice looking diy.. check my led string


clever ideas & well made & explained.

Tim Weber says:

Great instructional, keep it up!

Bill Dixon says:

cool Idea. good job.

Mikael Boberg says:

Many thanks for thsi video =)

oscar becerra says:

am bua tanta berga pá eso

Chapit Zulkefli says:

this is awesome and the instructions totally straight forward.

Mahmood Mili says:

man that’s dope

respect from KSA

Lisa Hedrick says:


SaiPriya Varma says:

Nice..Really to admire your patience doing it:)

SD Bella says:

Wow!! These lamps are gorgeous

kobracom77 says:

Thanks man, cool lamps………..

Steve House says:

Try greasing the PVC pipe before pouring the concrete – it should release a lot easier!

ericrosswiksten says:

Very cool project!

Leane Garden says:

Hi Glen. Here are a few more copyright thieves, unless you have given them your authorization.
We artists must protect each other!

Curtis Tomlinson says:

Great Video

John Cashion says:

When you pulled the LED light through you had to pull all 33 feet through the bottom. Why not pass 3 inches of the reverse end through the top?

Elijah Schkeiban says:

That’s beautiful. Keep creating.

Cindy Chan says:

other than concrete what can I use?

Preeti Chahar says:

awesome…. love it

Ms. Techni says:

These are so cute

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