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Want to know exactly what it’s gonna take to make your very own cloud lamp? Here are ALL the logistics! Check it out, follow along, and you’ll be enjoying sunsets inside your bedroom in no time! IF YOU WANT TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE SUPPLIES/STEPS – skip to 0:49

Be sure to check out the full blog post HERE:

Also, check out ihascupquake’s video, hers was super inspiring to me!

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Abigail Elizabeth says:

could i paint the lantern

shawnte Pitts says:

That’s right girl’s

Micaiah Mincey says:

Love this

Minaa Khan says:

and the dust its gonna catch!

Z B. says:

Why did you not show how to put the led in the lanterns? Or why didn’t you put them in before you glued the lanterns together?

Jacinda Scarborough says:

where can I find a list of supplies, I’d like to find this LED lights.

Faireo says:

She lives in Houston!?

sydney todd says:

I saw one that just reused an old like 6 gallon jug (idk how many but it’s those large blue ones that you can find at Walmart)

ally1985baby says:

lol @ “actually it. all started with God “

Fiction Fan aka Elizabeth says:


Grace Leanne says:

You look EXACTLY like Jodie Sweetin!!!!!!

Dana Harvey says:

It’s absolutely magnificent.

Mooki LeButt says:

superholly I was wondering how many LED light strips you used for this entire project. It’s looks like you have multiple colors at different times in each cloud which leads me to believe you used at least 2 different strips but I wasn’t sure.

Laura Salvatore says:


Christine Anderson says:

I love this lights u used could u please send me where u got your lights thanks..

adam the mess says:

Holly scared the shit out of me when she came busting into frame at light speed

KawaiiClover says:

You should be a comedian you are hilarious “It all started with God” “if you live in one of those industrialised warehouses then you’re golden”

mark eaves says:

Cause I am just a monkey man, and i’m glad you are a monkey woman, too babe……..

Aqila Iffatussilmi says:

I have a question. If it gets dusty, how you clean it up?

khfan9346 says:

i bought battery powered led lights and they are on copper wire. i recommend these instead. they are bright and much lighter than the ones they have. and easier to bend and to add more colors cause the string lights are small.

Movila Daniel says:


Cheeseburger Dave says:

amazing. also give god thanks

El Show de Terror de Danny says:

Veo tus videos en español y en ingles, de ambas maneras de divierto mucho, pero debo admitir que me hiciste el día con ‘Bueno…todo inició con Dios’ excelentes videos 😀

Cheeseburger Dave says:

playing thunderstorm music with it be cool too

Denise Terry says:

You can get the lights on Ebay for very cheap…Love you vid and I subscribed.

M Lynn Butler says:

grovel mortals. press your tongues to the soil and grovel. the glow cloud is superior

Broderick Adams says:

This was such an amazing tutorial

itdonot matter says:

holly can get the bbc real quick

PetDynasty says:

“I’m gonna walk you threw and hold your hand the whole way through”
good. I like my hand held.


Sasha Braus says:


noob gg says:

U should of put a freaking seisure warning at the start . The flipping cloud almost got me

Arcade Droyd says:

how much cotton did you use

Biology MP says:

Great video/s to teach The atmosphere unit to my 12 year old bilingual Spanish students.

Danika Hilkey says:

I made this project it’s really cool but I got my DIY from thread banger!

Viv Axness says:

do you think el wire lights would work with this?

Kailey Horan says:

has anyone else noticed how she looks like Lucy the agent from Despicable Me 2

Teresa Collins says:

The prettiest “Cloud Lamp” I have seen! Thank you for showing us hw!

M Gibbs says:

Wow! So creative…

Skyron98 says:

yeah and how do you clean it

Momo XD says:

me siento metida soy la unika que habla español

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