▶▶▶ Want to know about the Kickstarter?
I made this SUPER CHEAP LED LIGHT for around $50 and it’s really awesome both for taking pictures and videos.
In the video a milled out a heatsink myself but you can buy super cheap one or find em in old appliances.

Here is the list of stuff you need if you wanna replicate it:

▶▶▶ LED 150W:
Step Up Voltage Booster:
Voltage step-down:
12v FAN:
Car Sun Shade:
Shower Curtain:
Power supply: (You can use batteries or power supplies from old stuff as long as it can supply 150W-ish and it can be from 12 to 30v!)


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FxN says:

Ci illumini la luna con quel cazzo di led

Josh Dance says:

Isn’t the fan super loud during video shoots?

engineerd3d says:

Did I ever tell you I love your video style? I must learn from the master. 🙂

Crazy Nerd Inventor says:

Superior quality video once again.
I am so glad I found your channel.

Spartoz says:

Nice but that fan in 12v should make a lot of noise :/ better set him in 5v

Jermwood Makes says:

Nice Man! I made a build video of a DIY Studio light recently but I like yours better! I gotta make another one now with the insanely bright LED with shower curtain diffusion.

Tony Lorentzen says:

Those LED “panels” are terrible in terms of light quality. If you have a look at them with a spectrometer you’ll see the light Red Green and Blue levels are not aligned properly, which will give you a weird color cast and make your footage terrible to color grade. You’ll want to see if you can find an LED fixture that’s above 92-95 CRI (color rendering index) – at bare minimum above 90.

Sergio Filosofo says:

Wow, those are supercheap. I may have to order some

Kreith 32 says:

Nice job, looks like its working propper 😀
Greetings from my little german Channel 🙂 Arne from Kreith32

LX A says:

Extrañaba tus vídeos campeón!

Mithun Kalan says:

love it. good music with no interruptions. more videos like this.

Mafioso 777 says:

What have you studied for doing all that incredible things?

Avys5 says:

About time. All of your videos are in a super dark enviroment.


No thermal interface? Even silicone would be better than nothing.

mubark osama says:

giaco looks like tony stark ? or this just me

CargoCultScientist says:

Do I know that you’re about to launch a product on Kickstarter? YES. I DO! It’s SO good!

Thijmen Star says:

is it possible to dim this light? great vid btw

reggiep75 says:

This Kickstarter need to be a tactical NERF CANNON!!!

Fernando Y. says:

Hi Giaco, I’m a big fan of your work. I do not know how to write in English right, so I’ll use google translator.

Just wanted to give my opniao, if you need to improve the cooling, you can increase the length of the heatsink and afterwards more

Simo Fai Da Te says:

Fiat Lux…

MuJIoLLI says:

Construction itself looks very nice and decent, but you use low CRI led so it can’t give you professional looking photos and videos. This high power leds costs very cheep but their Color Rendering Index is bad so light quality is unnatural. I recomend you to use high CRI led next time. Good luck from Russia!

Matt Jones says:

What a sweet project! I now need to add it to the ever increasing list of stuff that I need to build. Cool 😀


i order 4 pieces in warm / white. 3 pieces with softbox and one with lens.☺️

Dooder Pennell says:

These videos deserve a lot more credit then they get.

Bruce Abe says:

Interested to see what you have….in bocca al lupo….

Giac says:

il miglior canale italiano.. veramente complimenti,i tuoi video sono di una bellezza unica!

Monu Kumar says:

Hats off to the efforts you do in your videos… Can’t wait to see the product…

Chris says:

Curious what the kickstarter will be!

ferdinando simonelli says:

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If You don’t understand you can check on YouTube and Write: How to make a Tamago cheat
Se parli in italiano per favore fai un robot senza Arduino che tocchi 1000000 di volte lo schermo per far schiudere ľuovo di tamago

zapro_dk says:

You might want to add a dab of thermal paste between the COB and the heatsink, for longer life of the LEDs.

ShopBuilt says:

Nice! Can’t wait to check out the kick starter campaign.

XxLoneWolf21 says:

I found my way over here from NightHawkInLight. I knew you had to be good if he was pointing his viewers in your direction. I’m not disappointed. Subscribed.

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Cool light and great video, Giaco! I’m really curious about what you’re launching!

Saleh Haymoor says:

Couldnt watch the vid coz of how weird the music is …

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