DIY Christmas crafts: SNOW GLOBE with LIGHT – Innova crafts

DIY Christmas crafts: Snow globe with light – Innova crafts
How to make a snow globe with light!
– Transparent Christmas ball
– Pipe cleaner
– Cotton swabs
– White polystyrene
– Paper cup
– Foam sheet crafts
– Glue
– Glitter
– Led tea Lights
– Water
– ruler, cutter, pencil and scissors


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windmark windmark says:

that’s so beautiful

CouzCat says:

Very clever. I always enjoy your inventions

ไอนา ไม่มีนามสกุล says:

I like

MsLewis34 says:

I want to try this I have all the stuff but what if I don’t have that heavy duty stuff, can I use hot glue or something

Alana Brady says:

I can’t make his because I had . the ornaments but my parents spelled them so what do I use.

Paula Castle says:

Great DIY these are super cute

Vartika Agarwal says:

u are making so beautiful crafts

Emma Madison says:

really it`s awesome….. i love ur work

Lena Bergmann says:

This looks sooooooooooo butiful. I love your DIY’s!!!

redhotsweetpotatoe says:

Very cute and won’t break the bank.

Chee Kai Xin says:

can i know where you buy the transparent christmas ball?

Danelle Malchus says:

Wait, did i miss something? How do you turn off the tea light?

notebookluvr says:

This is such a great idea! So easy and cute. I have everything in this video.

selenia carrico says:

Why don’t you talk thru your videos instead of pointing things out? It would be so much nicer and understanding just my thoughts.

Rodyl Melgar says:

make more videos

MsChareng says:

So glad I found your channel!

Derya yıldız says:

cok guel olmus

Emily Chrystiana says:

This is so adorable❤

HoneebunnySapphire says:

i KNEW those things could be turned into snowglobes, i just hadn’t gotten around to figuring out how. thanks for the tutorial! :3

Z o g u t y says:

I love this

Nerdy Unicorn says:


Ltm says:

This is amazing!!!!!!

Ani & Mica says:


sim pink says:

This was really so cool and super easy…. Will definitely try this

Family's perfect day says:

I never thought of this idea thank you so much

S S Ansari says:

super duper

lock make says:

very nice I am going to do one for my mother

sara creativitati says:


Anwesha Dash says:

Wow! It’s so amazing I love all ur DIYs

jessy black says:

When it comes to gifts, I’d rather have someone make me something. It means more because they put thought and effort into it. Plus I’m an adult and I have money. If I wanted something that badly, I would’ve bought it already or saved up for it

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