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For this home decor project I made this DIY Dollar Tree Chandelier. This can either be hung as a flush mount light fixture or a hanging chandelier. I used mostly Dollar Tree materials. This can be made with all Dollar Tree materials if you’re okay with smaller gems. I love this design which was inspired by a high end design I found online. This is a pretty simple project and would add that extra glam in any room. I hope you guys like it. Please share, like, and subscribe to become apart of our Creative Fam here. Next week I’ll be making either a wall shelf or Spring decor which had you rather see? Let me know in the comments below. I love you guys and I’ll see you next week.

Materials for this project
1- Wire Wreath
1- small wire ( Hardware section )
1- pk of floral gems
2- pk chains (floral section)
1- hanging kit (question mark shaped screw in hooks)

Other materials NOT from Dollar Tree
Medium Gems – from Micheal’s (bought two years ago in stores, I don’t have a link. These are a fuzz bigger than a quarter)
Medium gems from Hobby Lobby (you can thread these) I paid $3 regular price $6. These are often on sale but you can use their 40% off if they’re not on sale.
Any gems you wanna use would be fine. If you have some like me that you wanna use but you don’t have a way to thread them do like I did in the video.
Also I had some fishing line (it’s doesn’t cost anymore to buy a strong pound test, I recommend doing that) One roll for crafts will last a very very very long time.
*Depending on what type light you wanna use you can use Christmas lights, hang this over an already existing bulb and remove current fixture or you can add light to any area in any room with a regular bulb and an extension cord. Dollar Tree has both of these. I would buy a LED light bulb from a hardware store and you’ll need a socket adapter.

Link Socket adapter cheapest I could find $1.08

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See a video with more details about cutting wire wreath – DIY Glam Wall Decor

Check out my friend Ida’s channel
Design on a Dollar she makes a ton of Glam Dollar Tree Diy projects

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Brenda Carlisl says:

Looks like you did it AGAIN !!!!!!’ This is Genius !! You are one smart cookie, I love it !!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. What can I say ? I’m running out of words , each week you never cease to amaze me with your talent !!! AWESOME VIDEO!!!!

Bat Williams says:

Just come across this and I’m definitely subscribing, this is amazing

Trianna Edmonds says:


أم عبد النور أم عبد النور says:

I will so happy if you answer me

Julie Bonavita says:


I love this for my Powder Room I’m doing it over and the ceiling vent fan in there is ugly and I was trying to find a crystal or sparkly cover for it and they’re really expensive so I think I’m going to make this and put it up over the ceiling fan in my Powder Room this is so awesome thank you

Candy Williams says:

That chandelier Is beautiful I will be duplicating it in my hall BE BLESSED

Barbara Graham says:

Very gorgeous im excited to do this.

A'yana Husband-Booker says:

Hi Mhiranda! I love what you did with these last two diy projects! This was such a fun Project to see!

Agusta Sister says:

My dollar tree has only the wreaths…sometimes.. their shelves are almost always 3/4 empty…u would think they would increase their shipments…SOMETHING IS WRONG THERE…

Not.really my style but very very nice..

Bonnie Flournoy says:

Genius and beautiful!

Mommy Garcia says:

Absolutely glam & gorgeous !!

Lisa Bennett says:

Please do some farm house things please!!

Susan Franklin says:

Wow! Genius!

Home Time Designs says:

Girl, YOU ROCK! Absolutely Gorgeous! Awesome creativity! ❤️❤️❤️

أم عبد النور أم عبد النور says:

So wonderful I am from Morocco I love what are you doing so great

L KissingaFool says:

Wow. So creative! Nice job!!

K8 Mae says:

WOW!!!! You make it seem so matter of fact easy! Gorgeous! I’m blown away! Thank you so much for sharing!

Lola Loli says:

Ocean of talent

Andrea Council says:

That is absolutely amazing beautiful gorgeous what a clever idea! You got my creative mind going right thanks for sharing!!!! New subscriber!!

حرف ابداعية فى 5 دقائق لأفراد الاسرة says:

Beautiful and wonderful

Kellie Westley says:

I love it

Amanda says:


Theresa Forte says:

Great reproduction!!!! Job well done!

Gothic Czarina says:

Thank you! I needed exactly this !!!

Char’s Crafts says:

This is pretty!! Super creative!!

MizNuCutie Beautyisyou says:

Love love this!!!!!!!!!

LosingDrea says:

Girl I love anything you do. Soooo creative and such imagination. How you recreate these amazingly expensive decorations and such using mostly dollar store or even cheap finds from Hobby Lobby or wherever else you find them just makes me go wow! Love you and your awesomeness!!! Stay sweet…and safe there in AL….❤️

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