DIY Bluetooth Cloud Light ☁️

We’re switching up from our previous adrenaline-packed project and taking this one nice and slow. And by ‘slow’ we mean the speed at which electromagnetic waves transmit signals through wiring, something on the order of 95% the speed of light. So yeah, hella slow…Our goal with this project is to replace a simple household ceiling light with an awesome cloud lamp that contains 150 dynamically controlled LEDs.

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juliana agnes says:


James Bland says:

Hell to tha YES!!! You guys soooo remind me of myself about 100 yrs ago when I started out as an eLeCtRoNiCs engineer. That was back in the dinosaur age, the early 70’s. When we had to work with individual components like resistors, capacitors and magic rocks (aka transistors). I will have one of your cloud lights in my LR very soon. Thanks so much for helping an old fart keep my geek on.

AliceoftheBlueRose says:

Who needs disco lights when you got this cloud thingy?!

Theobi mac says:

Great video gents. Cant wait to see what you think up next!!! I hope your videos really take off ^_^

Kristhine Yow! says:

so cooool!

Martin De La Rosa says:

do they ever heat up to the point where it’s a fire hazerd

Sav3dbyGrace says:

So how did you hide/connect the wires and how did you turn it into Bluetooth?

Eli Lopez says:

This is the most amazing project ever, im sooo doing this next christmas! keep beeing awesome

the506thPIR says:

any way to add a Bluetooth speaker to play thunder sounds?

Ethan Martin says:


ituning CCO says:

awesome video! Do I have to use the Ona, or is a Ardruino Nano also working?

The Wiggly Truth says:

That kind of light bulb isn’t extinct at all…

I work at Home Depot and we sell them. But I guess your new light is cooler anyways so… whatever.

Paulakise says:

Everything is great but you’re out of focus

Young Don says:

How much would you charge to make one and ship it?

Sparticus Shakur says:

R.I.P. Poor Mr. Disco Ball

Alexandra Higley says:


ImmortalDragonAlpha[Coming back] says:

Wow soo cool might make one my self

Miriam Cardenas says:

How do you make the cloud Bluetooth?

Preston Hamby says:

Great video. Impressive technical write-up you actually put work into this. It took an engineer to finally step these projects up to the next level.

MagicNootNoot YT says:


Nathan Proctor says:

why did they play the Soviet National anthem at the end of the video?

Rory Smith says:

For those romantic evenings *holds up lotion and toilet paper*

valdeck95 says:

Hello what is the song at 0:54 to 1:56 please.

Wildking Real life says:

This was is epic

TheWaggishAmerican says:


Aurora Pille says:

loved this video more then just a friend so I subscribed lol.

Gr8_fl Gaming says:

cloood turn into a square cloooouuuuddd

Logan Sanborn says:

you fergit ta merica

Dylan Creighton says:


Jedi Snorlax says:

Your code doesn’t work at all. I set up exactly the same and the code continues to fail. It clears whatever is inputed into the Bluetooth terminal before it can reach the lighting parts.

Sumbrela says:

i liked it as more than just a friend.

Omninuss DUNUSS says:

umm… Germnay?!

Samy Kamkar says:

Guys, awesome video. I LOL’d hard.

yumi baby says:

this is cool

the506thPIR says:

I’m currently making this but will only be using 4 30led strips instead of 5 like you guys. what changes to the code do I need to make

Achilleas Valioulis says:

i challenge you to make a really complex flag like the greek one or the croatian

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