DIY Black Light

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Cool maniac Happyguy says:

Doesn’t work

Mr.CreeperJr Mcpe//Juan G. says:

it didnt work?! both markers same type of tape NOTHING :O

Mc Nuggets says:

mom don’t use this on my sheets! plz

Jo 1 says:

I just did it

KingOf TheCreepers says:

i know how this works, since florescent black lights are filled with xenon and argon, it filters out most of the visible light. since sharpies do this, it makes it a black light.

RektOrNah says:

I would do some editing and remove your phones IMEI S/N and P/N from the video 🙂

AFireInside98 says:

This doesn’t damage the cell phone does it?

The alpha Wolf says:


Audrey Hartman says:

I have the same flashlight app


awsome bro

Dillon Van Meter says:

The journal cannot keep secrets anymore…

Melika Cherry says:

is it scotch tape?

Zikki Foxx says:

do I need that matt type tape?i have the normall one,the shiny

Black light says:

I’m is black light

WatchMeBeKayla says:

Thank you so much !

Dry Heart says:

hey ! what type of pen it is and will this light reflect night glowing paint if filmed in dark?

Coolswagman2003 AJ says:

can u see bacteria with this?

ThatsMrMoronToYou says:

“black” light?  Seriously?  You damn commies sure are racist.  Try African-American light, Ivan.  #BLM

Aomy Reyes says:

will this work will glow in the dark stuff?

Random videos From a random person says:

hey that’s pretty good

Curry says:

does it have to be sharpie?

The Gaming Brandn says:

Does black light work with finger prints?

010010111 01101010011001 says:

Gives out no uv light.

Domestic_K9 says:

This was tested and it doesn’t work guys

Carter MacDonald says:

What does he actually say at the start

alinatv says:

I hope my sister doesn’t watch this video

Annie S. says:

i am russian

fejkakaunt says:

Am I right by stating that this trick will only work with the light source that already has blaclight (UV) withing it’s spectrum???
I mean I suppose the filters wouldn’t work with some other sources of light.

Aesthetic Gladiator says:

whats the name of the pen?

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