DIY Black Light Phone Hack / Tutorial

In today’s video I’m going to show you a great idea about how to make an ultraviolet lamp at home. We won’t do it from the very beginning. We are going to turn a simple flash of a mobile phone or a simple flashlight into an ultraviolet one. This life hack is far from a real ultraviolet, but a hand made ultraviolet is also quite good. In the video you can see the result and a tutorial of how to make an ultraviolet flashlight or flash at home. Have a nice viewing.
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Sun Tzu says:

Great idea.

Abdullah .m says:


Artiol Dm7 says:

This is so Awsome i Like This 😀

Electro Stuff says:

please give me your phone number romanursu

pie pies says:

I love how you put comments of people getting mad at you about clickbaited thumbnails… 10/10


fuck you

Spartan Minotaur says:

Cool, I will definatly try this out

androidup says:

Gimbal for Smartphones

Hicham Ahba says:

Im big fan of you

mikael5890 says:

It sounds like he’s saying fleshlight xD

Hasan Waseem says:

how to make power full bomb

Some Random Guy 666 whatareudoing says:

Clickbait… thank me later


nice video

Ana Maria says:

is he romanian??? he don.t has accent at all



Chilli_Charlie ray says:

that is cool i tried and it works

Bunthoeun Noni says:

How to build led blinking board?



San SA says:

you are the best youtuber because ur into and ideas are so good

Fox Bulleto79 says:

Blue marker and_____ marker

Please answer ^_^

R Pedraza says:


So Happi says:


Sonu Prince says:

nice I love it

just a Tigress says:

did he say GAYS ? LMFAO

SxvageSandie _ says:

Wow copier you copied Rob Czar (from ThreadBanger)

Dhamaka Vynz says:

so cool

SYN420420 says:

hi from the USA

Bluey says:

you sound like a broken/possesed robot.

debayous says:

lol, thats crazy

Foolish Orc says:

can you show us how to make electricity?

Adarsh Boojhawon says:

you are a great inventor……..

Ellison Le says:

Yeh yeh yeh first comment in this video, actually in it.

Traxxas&Reviews says:

clickb8 m8

Haider Iraqi says:

I will kill you I Loveu

Sabrina Borealis says:

Must it be coloured with MARKERS FOR WHITE DESK

nouraldin said says:

wow amezing blue light you genius

B.H.D aka Black Horny Dude says:


Santee Adam says:

cool, 😀
I love your videos

Abdullah Sattar says:

Did you know it’s also work as a money checker

Samad Damas says:

Great man. …i like it

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