DIY Aquarium LED Light

I used battery powered LED from disposable items to make USB powered LED.
It works (24/7) since then
In this example, I use a different, more powerful, type of LED.
An old USB cable to connect the LED to the power source.
Choose an appropriate length cable.
Cut off one end of the cable, leaving the USB connector on the other end of the cable.
I keep the USB 2 connector type A.
Strip off insulation on the open end of the cable.
There is a number of wires marked by different colors.
The power wires are usually marked by red and black.
Check links on LED polarity and how to find corresponding ends of the wires , if your wires come in different colors 😉
Tape all other wires – you may reuse this cable in the future for other projects 😉
Remove 2-3 cm of insulation from the red and black wires.
I twist the ends of each wire to make them thicker.
Connect wires to corresponding ends of the LED (red to +, black to -).
I use different brand chargers with 5 V output to test my LED light.
Plug it in.
The LED works with all these chargers.
Conveniently, the LED works plugged into computer USB or external USB battery bank/pack/charger.
November 25th, 2017
Here you can see this LED at work in a daylight on my newly build 3D nano aquarium
The 1 Watt LED light is very powerful even for larger aquariums.
The aquarium exposed to that light power for a day may turn green from rapidly growing algae
April 9th, 2018
Here you can see the same 3D nano aquarium with 2nd generation guppies of the 1st line born on February 2nd, 2018
They are doing fine 🙂
I place this LED on the aquarium cover, but keep it open to air for cooling!
The LED enclosure gets warm in a matter of minutes!
The white bright light pointed on a tilted background makes any aquarium look beautiful
Have fun and happy light 🙂
More fun on my website
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Majd Issa says:

معلومات مغيدة ..
صديقي العزيز ..

EinfachBlau says:

My only problem is how to attach it to the Aquarium

Birds Lover- In Tamil says:


DSmith 21 says:

How perfectly simple. I have a 2.5 gal guppy aquarium with no lighting that this will work perfect instead of paying $10 on Amazon. Great video! Thank you.

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