DIY: Affordable Light Up Full Body Mirror!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this DIY! It was incredibly frustrating at first but the end result was worth it!

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Video I found:


(Keep in mind I’m about 5 Feet tall, If youre way taller I’d suggest a bigger mirror)

*LED Lights:

*Angle connectors for lights:

*Power cord:

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SABBY Jonrs says:

Don’t like the language!

Amalia Lazalde says:

Love it! ❤️

Creolebeauty says:

Have you had any problems with your lights?

ZukieART says:

Just did this with my father and he actually bent the led lights to where you didn’t have to do all that contenting and cutting ! My mirror is 72 inches high

Shaliyah says:

Do you have the mirror free standing? Or attached to the wall?

Tangie's World says:

What if you need to remove the strips? Do you think it will be easy?

shanikqua gerard says:

Will this be big enough if your 5’8

Rhea Nicola says:

I just got this mirror, you’re the only person I’ve seen do this with this mirror. But I’m planning on putting the LED on the inside of the mirror, and probably use a battery powder one.

Kimberley Patrick says:

Everything was great up til the point of you using the GD word..didnt even finish watching after that! Your way to pretty to be saying that. But yeah everything was good up until that came out ya mouth…made ya just sound trashy…
It is what it is

melissa smith says:

Great video what kind of camera do you use

Alixandria Copeland says:

This looks so great! I like it

TheSon OfJune says:

Where Can I Find That Mirror From With The White Wooden Border?

Jenny Ngo says:

hey, i tried doing it today with my mirror. but only the strip at the bottom (the one that connects to the power) lights up. ive checked, all copper dots lined up with the metal teeth of the connectors but it wont work :/

Sophie Oum says:

You’re suppose to use 2 pin angle connectors if you have led strips that are only white, for color changing led strips you use 4 pin angle connectors. You had a 4 pin connectors so it makes it a little difficult to get it to line up with the 2 copper dots.

Diana Fitness Bakersfield says:

What ring light do you use? 🙂

libbyy montreala says:

just a tip dont blur it if your looking rough just make the screen black cause some people like me with sensitive eyes our eyes try to hurt and it just gives me little headaches so next time can you take that to mind.

Nadra King says:

I’m totally lost it looked easy … yu were right the connectors are a bitch to open . My question is how do I get the fourth corner to light up? Am I suppose to jus put a connector on the last exposed led end?

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