DIY a dropped ceiling light box

DIY a dropped ceiling light box with the Kinook system
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adotz89 says:

What are the panels made out of? Plasterboard or mdf especially the one with spot lightsand where ca i find the bonding and finishing compounds you used

Abid Travadi says:

can I get in india

Joseph Mckay says:

I’m in construction.
Plastic used on the ceiling to catch the dust is brilliant .

Maxwell Cahill says:

Plastic anchors in the dry wall ceiling to secure the light box? How optimistic!

Tim Spriggs says:

that is cool. But, why not assemble the square metal foundation parts on the floor, then mount to ceiling with screws, having one or two helpers to hold it up to the ceiling? Then there’s no headaches getting it square and aligned with the other pieces. And no need to draw hieroglyphics on the ceiling.

عبدالله الجبوري says:


wawan sunaryo says:

sae tenan …ukur sepatune piro?hhhhh

ata7daki says:

first I would like to thank you so so much….I was looking for lighting box for my room and I want to do it with my self although I’m zero experience in doing this .
I watched your video and did the same with different materials as this metal structures and joints are not available here in Egypt.
I would like to send you the pictures if you like and thank you at least for your brilliant ideas.

Edwin Jimenez says:

Congratulations, video not made with still pictures. Specific instructions. Keep up the good work.

Hothaifa Mh says:

amazing work lady

Angelito Dangla Cruz says:

Good Morning, can I get all the materials needed, I want to do this my room, Thanks so much., 😉

Aquil khan says:


MrHandwerk says:

WOOW* very Nice 🙂 Liebe Grüße MrHandwerk

Low Key Otaku says:

Nicely done

ahmed mageed says:

thank you. Nice work and nice girl

chary kana says:


Muhasin A says:


al_nahar Photo says:

iron girl i like it
good job

Rahmat djaba says:

Awesome, for a worker beautiful woman . Greetings from DIY fans Indonesia. Tqu

George Awad says:

Where can I buy the kinook kit in the us ?

SK NASIR says:


Elizabeth Evans says:

Your instructions are so clear! Thank you!

anton lovell says:

Great idea and product, just viewed your website and will place an order soon.

abdul azim says:

This is not strongBecause I m also this work

unknow charbel says:

i want to work with you (fb:Cherbel baroud)

Nasafiyel Paige says:


John Salazar says:

So right off the bat, Why wouldn’t you use a stud finder to locate the joists? You don’t need anchors if you go into wood.

Hassan Nawab says:


pino alexander says:

thank you, nice video, very useful to me

Simon Levstek says:

You can pretty much get a finished product for those 50€ you would pay for the kit…


No need to use the metallic box

Tye Jakobs says:

All I have to say is that this lady is FIERCE! She is GIVING it to me. You better install that dropped light box and show the boys how it is done!

Oh…and just to add I am being told it can’t be done. I can’t wait to show my builders that it can!

Abid Travadi says:

can I get in india

Elizabeth Evans says:

I want to do this with the hole in my ceiling.

Mark Wright says:

I have to install downlights into my asbestos ceiling soon. that plasic tip is great! thanks

Alpacinolama Lama says:

thats good thankyou very nice women

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