DIY $5 PVC LED Landscape Lights

DIY $5 PVC LED Landscape Lights
How to make your own LED landscape lights for about $5 or less

EverTrue PVC Board (Actual: 0.75-in x 5.5-in x 8-ft)
Item # 209621 Model # 07311 Lowes
Weatherproof Par Lampholder with Outside Gasket
3/4 in. Rigid Conduit Locknuts (4-Pack)
2 in. x 2 ft. PVC/DWV Sch. 40 Plain-End Pipe
4 in. ABS Insert Test Cap with Knockout
4 in. x 10 ft. PVC Sch. 40 DWV Plain End Pipe
J-B Weld 25 ml ClearWeld Quick-Set Epoxy
Great Value LED Light Bulb 5W, 40W Equivalent, Soft White
because they are very low voltage i was able to use some CAT5 Cable ( because its cheep and i had some left over) to connect them all together in a row. then i used shrink wrap butt connectors to terminate them. used cable staples to put the cable under the top rail so that it would net get much sunlight. after that i used an old lamp cord to connect to the CAT5, next i put a timer on the wall outlet outside my house.
thanks for taking time to watch my video and i hope this is help full.

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Blondepickle says:

Need the volume up a bit 🙂 Great work and idea!!

Ron Patton says:

Did you ever think to drill your hole before you glued the tubes together?

Tom Langley says:

Thumbs up!…Very nice!

Emmanuel Fernandez says:

Really cool stuff built from PVC. Thanks for showing us!!!

1keykneedeep says:

Look nice bro. The pvc cement glue is plenty strong and will dry in seconds. The pipe will usually break before the glue gives up.

jason coleman says:

fantastic idea! don’t worry about the YouTube warriors! I watched the video and appreciated you sharing the idea with us. Great job

marco love says:

Kick ass idea…..really enjoyed

James Holbrook says:

probably should have dont the electrical befor the glueing

Lance Surgeon says:

You need to work on the audio.

Giselia Pereira says:

Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great work.

Johnny Smoke says:

Could you just use the pvc glue?

Roomies Garage says:

very cool light thanks for the inspiration

Thomas NorthCastle says:

You DIDN’T use Mama’s table!!!!

ima piledriver says:

should be 50.00 when done

Wallace Sheckells says:

You knock this one out of the park!!! This is an awesome idea and they look fantastic! Great job and thanks for the idea.

Warren Turner says:

Those are very nice.  Just planted some ideas in my head.  Thanks.  Like I do not have enough to do.  🙂

Decent Neymour says:

Think u did a great job,impressive,thanks.

Shaw Pay says:

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing

Staff Admin says:

these are rad but they can change how your plants grow keeping them that close and on all night. plants need dark…

T'airn'KA says:

Great job, though I hope that buzzing sound was from bugs. 😉

Michael R Kegg Jr says:

Thank you for this video I have some ideas now for some solar sconces for my driveway and mailbox. Also for the inside of my house thank you again and the explanation is key

memo ochoa says:

I hate your idea. because I didn’t think of it first. lol. jk. thank you for sharing. I’m saving this video.

Darren Cabrera says:

How’d you do the cabling and how did you run it

Thomas Hanrahan says:

These turned out great. I really like the way they looked. You left out how you ran your power to the lights. Could you show that also? That’s a big part of this, thanks.

Tristan Beard says:

well look how I going an make about 10 of these…..thanks for sharing

Hans Hoerdemann says:

How are they electrified? Thanks.

Dave Ainscough Jr says:

I hate watching video’s where they over explain every detail. say and explain it once. and if there is a question they can play the video over thanks

Ralph Long III says:

Great job!

Alexander Mozgovenko says:

Very nice idea, thank you. Probably would’ve been easier to just cut a hole in the large pipe for the smaller pipe, instead of beld-sanding the small pipe.

Wingnut 429 says:

You watch your fucking mouth! There are no better products than JB Weld!

Stuart Goff says:

Why not just use a 2″” to 4″ T and put a short piece of 4″on top and bottom?! no cutting or gluing that way.

Augustine Sullivan says:

That looks awesome my man you couldn’t do any better by buying 12 lights from Home Depot for $150-$200 I know I work there and yours look way better

toneroable says:

Thnks but I feel U showed off your shop……most of us we only have a circular saw & a router we used 2 times……& simplicity its what we looked for , besides low voltage.  Your proyect has too many items… besides the 2nd part…which is wiring the fence ( another headache ). You talented…..why don’t U come out with a simple idea
Its the way I think. One thing I know……You really enjoy your Shop……. & its the title of your Video…………” Backyard & my Shop ” . . . . . . . good luck & thnks………………..Andres

juma Ssenkungu says:

wow from scratch to a wonderful home made shelf lights

Amp Staples says:

Great job

morgan wolsey says:

you seriously have a small yard and a massive mower dude. lol love it

Knowledge-is-Power 33 says:

Like your idea, but to make life easier for yourself, how about drilling and fitting the light fitment to the large pipe, before you glue the smaller pipe? Would be way simpler that way.☺

jsegura525 says:

nice job.

Tonya Majette says:

Amazing job!!!!

Smitty says:

Nice work. suggestion..drill the 4″ pipe with a hole saw that fits the 1 1/2″ pipe. (2-1/16 I think). pipes can be glued inside and outside of the 4″. again good job.

Dan S says:

Awesome DIY project! Thanks for sharing.

Mike Edwards says:

You did a nice job but it’s not a good idea to encourage people to do DIY electric work. I am an electrician so 1. I get less work and 2. Someone could die.

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