Convert Broken CFL into Bright Fluorescent Tube Light – Homemade | DIY

Don’t Throw your Broken CFL Convert it into Bright Fluorescent Tube Light – Homemade | DIY

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Ismail Ahmed says:

this is awesome

Samule Bendali says:

Do I have to shave my hands and knuckles like this guy before doing this?

Nazir nazir baloch says:

Nazir Baloch

surajit saha says:


Mahima Verma says:


Shaji Shajahan says:

garenti 100%

Sultan Khan says:

so beautiful

CHAO WEI says:


Veeresh Kumar says:

nice video

Avinashnath Pandey says:

what rubbish hot glue gun, glue will melt

Sarman Tony says:

cool project

Lok Nath says:

hi we use tublelight ballast choke for this small tube.

Sultan Khan says:


imanul ali says:

supr idea

Sairesh TB says:

Pls sujest good gum

Deepee Ayadges says:

Inefficient. First, the socket transformer converts the 110V or 220V into higher voltage, then the electronics in the LED tube light (*IF* it is actually an LED tube light and not, as many commenter noted, a regular mercury vapor fluorescent tube) has to transform this stepped-up voltage down again to LED-compatible power. I hate it.

creative things & Life hacks says:

Wow thanks amazing vedio

Shaikh Javed says:

Very nice

nkhl hcl says:

Go and buy local led worth Rs50 simple don’t waste time and resources

Khan Ms says:

nice video


Tube light ka voltage kitna hey

rajeev mogali says:

Wow so nice

Thomas Membride says:

try touching the ends lol

BandiRamesh says:

Nice idea

aure vasantha rao says:


Pramod Singh Ranawat says:


Eddy Yu says:

Good job !

lokesh rahul says:

I made one but I am scared to turn it on , tell me what to do

Tarun Shan says:


marcia menage says:

These type of lights are extremely dangerous as the mervury inside them are sent off as a frequency and will enter your body through their light and you will absorb the mercury in your body which is highly toxic. Google it for more information


Jitna kharchA ayega isko banane me utne me new mil jayega

Nice video

random stuff says:

The shattered original tube contains white phosphors and mercury so this doesnt seem like a good idea

Vega Bond says:

Those Glue will melt for Heat you asshole!! And It’s going to Block your ass…

ganesh gopinathan says:

no safety at all, the design is doomed…..but the idea can be worked upon for better heat insulation…..

Meraj uddeen hafeez 78 says:


Mutham Perumal says:

good job

tumma vijayakumar says:

Hey! That’s not LED.. It’s flourocent tube light.. i saw this video as CFL to flourocent

Taz-on-the-loose Yusef says:

one of the reason men have short life span

sk salim123 says:

It,s warkig big and small,, thanks

Ghodadra Dilip. H says:

बड़ी लाइट आती है वह चलती है

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