Whats up guys! Today, I’m teaching you how to rig a beautiful cinematic lighting setup $50 or less.

Lighting is SO IMPORTANT and its pretty easy to get great results FAST. This is how I quickly throw together a studio light setup for filming inside without natural light on a tight budget!

Clamps :
Lee Filter Gels :
LED Panel : (Get the 2500 Lumen model – its cheaper and available in store)
Gaff Tape :
Cheap Light Stand :
Foam Core 2 Pack :

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Camera : Canon 1DX MK2
Lens : Canon 24mm 1.4MK2
Software: Premiere Pro
Music : Epidemic
Mic : Rode -Video Pro

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mrisaiahmiller says:

Haha I was expecting you to follow up the ironing board line with “I’ll drop some links to some cheap ironing boards down below.” By the way this is the best looking, best working and cheap DIY light set up I have ever seen. I can’t believe I have not thought of it!

Chad Micah Johnson says:

i need to learn about camera settings for filming. i have a nikon d3300 . i go by ISO settings and wing the rest. im new to this.

Kaprisyosa says:

I started sharing your channel to my facebook!

Tim Adkins says:

Hey Peter, your videos are amazing! I am very new to making videos but I want to start and your videos have been very helpful. I always thought making videos was something that required thousands of dollars to do and only if you’ve had years of training to make anything look good, so I never tried. Not saying it’s easy to make great pieces but you’ve opened my eyes to the fact that some of these things aren’t that hard to do, just have to start, practice, and work your way up. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work!!!!

artist11152 says:

What camera settings did you have? Regarding ISO, Aperture, etc. cause i feel like im always playing with them trying to get the right look but I can never find it

goodcoffy ` says:

Thanks, with your help my YouTube channel will be a visual success once launched!!!

Metabee says:

thanks so much peter!

Tomass Dzenis says:

Thank you for these awesome videos! Really enjoy watching and learning new things. Keep up the good job! 🙂

Dominique Dorsey says:

Can I use clamp lights instead of the LED light?

Jósel Pérez says:

How to get Shots with a dark background!!!

Brandon Lucas says:

Can you please do a more in depth video on lighting and the different techniques of lighting just so people like me who dont really understand it can grasp the concept…nothing TOO deep but maybe just scratch the surface…and maybe you can do a couple different parts to it so the people who subscribe to you that dont really understand lighting can follow and learn more advanced tricks of the trade as you go along. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Great channel btw!

Sebastian Tinajero says:

What about using 5000 k light bulbs white balanced light?

Sebir Moran says:


David Woutersen says:

Nice video Pete!
Whenever I have a problem, you have the solution!

Pablo Gonzalez says:

this is perfect! I already use color plastic but I see the gel is soft and that’s cool.
The problem is that I like to shoot outside so if you have more ideas of lighting outside (without cables) it would be perfect, I have some ideas but I have to learn. Cheers!

Phil Jamieson says:

rim light from your screen is doing it!

adam sisk says:

Do you recommend just the blue gel to start, or are other colors necessary? I notice you’re only using the medium blue in the video. Thanks!

Chin Narciso says:

I love your channel. Keep it up! Subbed btw and can you give me any tips? I just started photography.

Alejandro García says:

Why the light of the LED panel turns yellow when you put the foam core?

Samuel Rivera says:

Man I would really love to see more lighting tutorials. Different looks, etc. Loving the channel too, I’m going back and watching the rest of your videos. Thanks for what you’re doing!!

Photographic Elements says:

gaff tape melts on hot lights, C47’s are the way to in most cases.

Sparkflyer1 says:

Peter, you have inspired me to do more and better things in my community i hope you have a nice day . you deserve a better channel and more subs

Ecinaj Craft and Stuff says:

this is awesome!!!!! thank you Peter!

Boogii Boog says:

they have like plastic wrapping paper at wal mart, well cellophane, love the ideas thank you so much! ill post my results!! finally ready to start making videos

summerwll says:

those gel things are great. Orange lights kills my mood. Thanks.

Mike Fisher says:

Awesome video! I’ve got some philips hue RGB lights laying around my house. Do you think those could work in place of geling a work light?

tawanda ndlovu says:

niiiiice chief.

Mikey says:

another great video for beginners, btw, that blue gel is called a CTB not CTO, CTO is orange 🙂

WestsidePinoy2001 says:

Thank You so much for all that tips….Thank You Thank You!!!!

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