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Cheap Studio Lighting & Collab with The Sorry Girls! Learn the tips I have on getting affordable lighting! I’ll show you how to slay with natural window light, fluorescent umbrella, christmas lights and more! Check out my collab with The Sorry Girls here: When you’re a baller on a budget DIY is the way to go boo! You’ll also see the end result of the dope ring light. There’s an amazing sense of accomplishment when you make something with your own hands and it didn’t even break the bank! Let me know your favorite lighting options and if you have more tips drop them in the comment section below!

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Photo & Video For Beginners
Why Your Photos and Videos are Yellow:
Special Effects for Beginners:
How to Film and Edit on your Smartphone:
How to Build Your Own Home Studio:
How to Edit Sound:

DIY Ring Lights Ft. Shameless Maya:
DIY Neon Sign Decor | The Sorry Girls:
Gorgeous Trendy Plants: Tropical Plants 101:



Flourescent Ring Light:
Christmas Lights:
Clamp Light:
LED Flood Light Bulb:
Umbrella Light:
Fluorescent Daylight Balanced Light Bulb:
Soft Box:





Executive Producer, Maya Washington
Producer, Nati Perez
Editor, Maya Washington + Tyler Hall
Music by, Jay Ellyiot



Camera: Canon 5D Mark lll
Audio: iPhone Mic
Lighting: Various listed above.
Editing: Premiere Pro


FTC: Not sponsored


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GG Fierce says:

The diy light needs something to reflect light to you

It's DIY Izzi! says:

You are really pretty

PraiseDiva3 says:

Maya, you are the GOAT.

Candace Thomas says:

Great tips! Can you tell me where you get your stuff to make the umbrella light?? And the links to them?

ThuysAvenue says:

I freaking love this hairstyle on you #killinit

Faithful Beauty says:

Awesome information. Thanks Shameless!!!


I am so glad that i watch the video…!!!

Holly Terrens says:

I just discovered your channel. You are the BEST. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

Cassie Gurl says:

What about if you coat the inside of the diy ring light with silver reflective tape to make it brighter?

iamsamantics says:

Hey Miss Shameless, I wanted to find out about the HUGE lightbulb you use with your umbrella lighting, whether that comes with the umbrella kit or if it was purchased separately?

Midwest Kandi says:

I need help: when I film my vids they look great on my camera. I can see the dimensions and different colors in my makeup. Uploading takes on a different vibe YUCK! The colors are not distinctive.

liline volcy says:

yay all canadian

Samantha Campbell says:

❤ Canada 🙂

Etty Ethel says:

❤❤❤thanks so much maya. it was very helpful

THU LIND says:

I have the light at 11:06

Totoro Fangirl says:

I absolutely love all of your videos! They have helped me so much with my other channel. Your amazing!

do's dont's and duhikeys says:

havent watched it yet but i hope this changes my channel life. I be tryna film at night and i be struggling finding light

Sari Na says:

I just watched your videos – its really great and I would love to try some options you mentioned.. but unfortunatly the links don’t work. Do you have the links for the Umbrella Light? 🙂

Alexa says:


5-minute Hacks says:


Jei Nandy says:

OMGEEE!! How have I never seen this video?! Two of my faves together!!!! Ugh yaaaasss!


Maya I’m just starting a YouTube channel. What is a light you would say I should start off with ?

stich_ plays says:


Jax Menagerie says:

This video is AMAZINGLY helpful. I’m trying to slowly and cheaply build up my supplies and with your inexpensive lighting it’s actually cheap not $300 for a basic set up.


huge love to u

Nathalie Simpson says:

this is so cool

Mr.Tatham Wah Gwan Ah Road Entertainment my world ! says:

Lov what camera on the low light part pls comment your new new fan yes I subscribe already

chiquitalatinafun says:

I am still having a hard time learning all these photography terms. 🙁 Time to revisit those tutorials. Thanks for the info!

Amber Collette says:

Gonna try out clip lights tonight and see how it goes. Love the vid! <3

shanr says:

Canadians are so nice

BrinkingOutLoud says:

If you are a beginner YouTuber, like myself, on a budget! Which device/devices give you better lighting by itself? A ring, umbrella lights or soft box lighting? I’ve found that I don’t always get a chance to catch the daylight!

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