Cheap DIY Studio Light Reflector

I needed a way to direct the light from my studio lights a little better so I came up with a cheap and easy solution using a plastic bowl and foil tape.

Foil tape via Amazon:
Bulb holder with umbrella mount via Amazon:


yakir11114 says:

nice, but in my opinion instead of that foil its easier to just use mirror spray paint

Arb ra says:

nice but doesn’t it become to hot ? Don’t you think it could become a fire hazard if used intensively ?

Russell Fedorov says:

How many lumens is your light bulb?

PXG says:

wow you actually did a comparison at the end and everything! You have earned anither sub my friend.

Kevin Russom says:

Well done

NCA.GO Vids says:

Hey what else you could do is dip the container in cold water after you sprayed it. Keeps it locked on to the surface.

Jim Hustad says:

Maybe lightly sand the bowl first so the paint has more to adhere to. Might also suggest skipping the foil tape and instead painting the inside with “chrome” paint. As for heat, CFLs are rather cool to the touch, and bowl edges should be plenty far away to allow heat to dissipate. Thanks for the tutorial!

Shannon Almy says:

Nice! I’m going to try something similar with the cheap desk lamps I’ve been using. Thanks!

marnienorris says:

There’s a plastic paint that doesn’t come off

Smaakjeks K says:

Handy in case I ever get around to setting up a studio!

Mslorreaminah says:

The only true dollar store is dollar tree

Maarija 09 says:

Can you use classic foil instead foil tape

roshan ali khan says:

wow nice V good

Naqvi News says:


Karolina says:

Why spray paint it, if you’re covering it with tape?

JELL -O says:

i liked this video

Akash Moana-Singh says:

would aluminum foil work as well

Mary Thompson says:

That is absolutely brilliant! Thank you.

Marcus van der Stap says:

Maybe you can use it as a beauty dish as well.

Unapologeticmoi says:


Migz Raquel says:

won’t it melt? 😀

Christopher Morrissey says:

cool idea. thanks for sharing.

Andrea Tani says:

NIce job! To avoid the paint to come off so easily try some primer paint specifically made for plastic, it can stick to plastic very well without chipping and let paint grips on it very well. It’s a bit of an extra work, but it’s worth the effort when you see the filnal results

KROME6200 says:

what about aluminum foil?

Mimo Sprinkles says:

Mate, what holder are you using to attach that cfl into the umbrella bracket?

EbonyGirlSpeaks Beauty Naturally® says:

this is perfect and so simple to make, tfs!

Sajith kk says:

bulb how many watts?

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