Cheap and Easy Lighting Alternative for filming YouTube videos. Under $100!!

Watch my Ring Light video:


In this video I show you how to create cheap and easy lights that improve the quality of your videos. Lighting makes your videos look better, it’s a fact and I will show you how to get better quality videos for under $100. The cheap video lighting alternatives I show you in this video require no expertise or tools, everything can be set up in minutes. Everything you need is linked below, including the makeup I am wearing. xoxo

Clamp Lights:
Light Stands:
-add on item rubber bands:
-add on item Parchment paper: (Parchment Paper does not burn and wax can supposedly but it never did withmine).

Getting wax paper at the dollar store is better but you can also buy it without being an add on here:
Black Photography Clamps:
White Ceiling Hook:
Hanging Light Fixture:

I have been told Parchment paper is better since it can withstand more heat:

1. Neewer Ring Light:
2. Ring Light Stand:
3. Neewer Ring Light Diffuser Cover:

**Makeup seen on me**
Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink:
Kohl Black Eyeliner:
Wet n Wild Fergie Mattifying Powder:
Smashbox Matte Bronzer:

**Clothing & Accessories**
Apple Watch (Mine is the Rose Gold 42MM):
Apple Watch Band $13.99:

Earrings from Rocksbox USE CODE kimbyerleighaxoxo for a month free!

Shirt and shorts (Carmar Denim) are from

DISCLAIMER: None of these items are sponsored items, however I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. All recommendations and opinions of products are honest and always my own. xoxo – Kimbyrleigha


The Bourgeois says:

You should never apologize for “daughter in background”.
Good tutorial/review. Grabbing lights now. – Ty (@OhTheFuture)

Cami says:


SpookyInc says:

Great ideas – Thanks!

Makeup Topics With Garima S says:

Such an useful thing. I really liked it. Which video editing software you use.

Shavella Love says:

your really pretty

Rat Princess says:

wow i love your voice! helpful vid!

Thejhbrand media says:

I like your channel, please follow me as well.

DigitalFoto Solution says:

here have a very good ring light for YouTube video, don’t miss !

Victor Cruz says:

This is pretty awesome. I wanted to make something like this with these spotlights but I wasn’t sure how it would work out. I think im going to try it out with some LED bulbs instead though. Thanks for this video!

Lovely says:

All i see is cheekbones are they natrual??

EbonyGirlSpeaks Beauty Naturally® says:

i’m glad you shared this video, especially the tip on placing the light on the ceiling!

W Smith says:

I know this video was made 2 years ago but . . . I strongly suggest you replace the battery in your smoke detector and make sure it is in good working order. Because that wax paper will burn as a result of the heat created by the CFL bulb you are using. I would really hate for anything to happen to you.

CycoPie says:


Rob Whiff says:

absolutely fastactic lighting tips, and my God you are gorgeously luminous and one of the prettiest eye on youtube…

dennis rockwell says:

most fantastic i really like your video and great idea for the lighting , you look good too thank you keep up the good work.

Will H. Tech Review says:

Great video, very beautiful lady

Gotallofthem1 says:

How come none of these chicks on youtube have the balls to shoot their videos without all the clown makeup?

Mialah Beasley says:

This helped omg !But guys I’m doing a sub for a sub please go checkout my channel and I will show you some love back!

Virtual Worker says:

I was cringing when I started noticing her face

charles thomas says:

her eyes though..

Trinity McAdams says:

so cute

7kunac says:


Sophie Rose says:


Tom Button says:

What happened to your eyebrows?

crazy albanian hacker says:

You are so sexy

Don Walker says:

thanks for the great info

D Orson says:

You mention using the halo light. Can you, please, tell where you put that one?

Kenzie’s_Korner says:

Your cheekbones are perfect! Do you ever get any hate comments about your cheekbones? Just wondering

Eddie Q says:

Omg I love your cheekbones

patthesoundguy says:

Thank You, Thank you, Thank You! I have been looking for a cheap diffuser material and the wax paper is perfect! Thanks so much

boo sloo says:

thank you sooo much
great advise and love that you broke eveyr thing down to explain exactly what to do

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