Building your Own DIY Light Bulb Aquarium

Here is a link in case you want to build your own Ecosphere out of a jar:

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In this video I show you how to build a light bulb aquarium. It is really simple and only requires minimal tools and you end up with a really cool product you can keep as a gift or put on your desk.


Matt Phillips says:


Piisamirotta says:

I’m reminded of when i was a kid i used an old perfume sample bottle my mother had and used it to grow mosquito larvae

xzysyndrome says:

Table salt works to get rid of the coating inside the light bulb. Just a teaspoon and give it a swirl.

Johnathon Hunter says:

I always wondered how this was done. Thanks for sharing!

Hermit Crab 102 says:

First comment

Michael Levi says:

Dude, a Philips screwdriver has a plus sign shaped tip, the flat head screwdriver is called a Flathead Screwdriver or a Slot Screwdriver.

Meenal Singh says:


mr. zombie says:

“The goal is to remove all of the black”….That is racist.

Paulo Constantino says:

Hope you dont put fish in it, that would be torture.

Mr. Glass says:

“So, before you go any further you should clean up the little pieces of broken glass”

*leaves broken glass on work table*

Doomshine says:

Hey whats the plant used in there? Ty

Joynal Miah says:

You don’t have a filter :/ Did your shrimps die?

AwesomeDude627 says:

Best. Video. Ever!

Melody Flores says:

Hi that’s great , I too have grown plants in water and also done what u do too . But word of advice about plant u are trying to help save . You have to remove dead leaves n branches on it as they take any of food or nutrients u may be giving it even if dead and healthier part of plant doesn’t get much ! Just trying to help and i too know about plants n gardening n trees . I had 3 trees and one was 4 feet n other almost 6 feet an another only 2 feet and u can stunt a trees growth really cool ! also 70 something plants in my home a i love them and great for putting more oxygen in your home .Good luck : )

Bumblebee.MB. says:

are you gay?

Dragacron says:

Or you could skip all the breaking glass and just buy a light bulb jar at hobby lobby or amazon… lol

Izzy Cortes says:

if you go to a craft store they have glass light bulbs

Mondo Music says:

So if i do the exact same thing you did and put shrimp in, the shrimp will live? also what kind of shrimp do i have to put in? should i use eggs or already alive ones? Someone please help.

Oscaroo Playz says:

Would sea monkeys work in a jar?

David Slater says:

so aaaa so stop saying so

AwesomeDude627 says:


Chaz Rowe says:

Dont mind me. Just here looking for all the comments rosting him about the screwdriver. lol

Prestin Crawford says:

Philips head screwdrivers are the ones with the 4 little sides. The flat head is called a regular screwdriver.

Anemos Gaming says:

A Christmas ornament ball works realwell

Michael Baker says:

I need to try this

Brutananadilewski7 says:

I did the same thing, but with a really big light bulb!

Jacob Cooke says:

Put sea monkeys in it

Shirish Nayka says:

what is this plant name.

Aquarismo says:

I like your video, good video, I am beginner, visit my first aquarium, and give me your opinion, I will follow your channel if you want to accompany my soon will have a new layout, thank you

LG PHONE says:

im just wondering would it have been easier and more effective if you untwisted the matel base to get it outta the way??

Brittany LeRoux says:

They have these things called lightbulb jars that don’t require broken shards of glass.

the goat is here says:

just make a paper funnel to get the sand in easily.

Gamer boy2007 says:

I’m gonna put ghost shrimp in it

trevor porter says:

The flat head is called a flat head the one that looks like a plus sign is a Phillips

trz says:

what you gonna put in the bulb

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