Build your own RGB Crystal Tower light

Don’t have time to make this project? Buy a mini version on Amazon here:

In this video we’ll be making a stunning ‘floating island’ crystal tower light. On top of looking plain awesome, it is designed with RGB LEDs in mind, meaning it can be illuminated with literally any colour combination you choose. Trust me – this video is worth a watch in full.

If you’re feeling inspired and want to build this light (rather than buying the mini one above), here are purchasing links to the required components:

Amazon links:

Selenite tower:
RGB LEDs + Controller: (controller only:
Copper tape:
Enamelled copper wire:

eBay links:

Selenite tower (eBay):
RGB LEDs + Controller:
Copper tape:
Enamelled copper wire:

Concept art links:


Mushroom light video:

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Tbonehenge says:

This was awesome. Nice studio too.

Natalia Soto Lozano says:

Awesome!! I love this diy project!

SpikeTheSpiker says:

Should have made your own wireless power transfer or use batteries instead of those thin, exposed wires which are potential hazard to others. Still great stuff!

Cass Manansala says:

this is probably one of the prettiest DIYs I’ve ever seen; now I have to make something like this myself ! thanks my dude !!1!

Zarah Blackhurst says:

2 questions. Is it guaranteed safe and wont set my house on fire? And Is there any way to do it with a battery pack instead, like with your glow in the dark mushrooms?

Isaiah Torres says:

I knew those IDE cables would come in handy one day

John Green says:

This is Peter Parker??

René Casaña says:

It’s cool how you take in count a lot of functional and aesthetic details for this project, because I think a lot like that.

Crashbash7 says:

i don’t know how you get all those ideas, nice

Mursal Khan says:

Isn’t there a Love button for a video

Kevin Peters says:

Damn this looks amazing!

Eric Phoenix says:

I did my own version using an LED submersible light circle that I got from an online shopping site. I then cut a circle in what I was going to use for the base, popped in the circle LED light, placed the crystal tower on top and turned on the LED light. A lot less work but I did enjoy this idea.

leipeharrie5 says:

Wow this is some quality craftmanship. Going to try this out asap.
I am also really interested in making a DIY curtain closer/opener.
Would be awesome if you could show us how to do it!

Anoop Mohan says:

Awesome work !

Karan Trivedi says:

Fucking glorious

Antonio De'Ville says:

wow this is such a majestic and organized project <3

underestim8 says:

your voice is so relaxing, i almost fell asleep

Arkétheos says:

There are three rgb controllers by default or I must buy three times that product ?

Twist_It_With_Ty_YT says:


Shahar Yogev says:

You are the best!

Satorean says:

Out of all the DIY stuff I find on YT; that’s done with LEDs such as this, this one is by far the most attractive and overall appealing (both in design and functionality) that I’ve seen in some time.
I am especially fond of the hanging portion where you used jute twine. An absolutely brilliant idea to get the more rustic look you were going for, and your use of the thin aluminum as “switches” was quite clever.
When I make a version of this DIY, I believe that I will try using some metal lacquer on the enameled copper wire (portions not required for electrical connections, of course.) Just as an added level of security & protection to the wire as it winds through the jute twine, and the lengths that hang to the weighted block. There’s always that one person who wants to see if they can be shocked by open looking wires for some reason, lol. Plus, I believe it would add a little extra protection against any abrasions that may happen. As minimal as that would be.
I also think that creating a shallow acrylic (plexiglass) type of box, or housing, in order to cover the electrical components on the back may serve well in order to prevent any unexpected issues or something, or someone, from disturbing the connections.

Overall, brilliant concept and follow through!

P.S. I really love that you included the little bits of distressing to the “floating rock” and the addition of the moss. An easy way to personalize the project. PROPS!

Garrett Steinman says:

how tall is the Selenite Tower?

The Master Tomasz says:

Dobra robota 😉

botekp says:

Man you make beautiful stuff!

village idiot says:

Cool i will make 6 brb.

Daunlouded says:

Instructions were not clear enough. My apartment is currently on fire and I’m in shock. Please advise.
Great video. I got some new ideas!

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