Awesome DIY Desk Light w/ LEDs

This project is all about how to use small LED strip lights with maple to create an elegant task lamp or desk lamp.

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Parts Used in this Build
LED Strip Lights –
Remote Control –
12v Power Supply –
Soldering Iron –
Variable Power Supply –

Fume Extractor –
Third Hand Task Lamp –

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Neil Kay says:

in your next iteration you could consider a phone charger in the bar panel too. That said, beautiful work 🙂

Basel Alazzam says:

perfect job

selcuk fındık says:

darbin…you need few tools like 3d printer and home made CNC to make your design perfect. nice design. I would make a square housing at top and place another square part with holes(LED fit into holes and hide the soldering and PCB board. I would also hide aleminum heatsing and ventilation holes at top to cool LEDs…and dont forget basic rule in lighting design which is ; “HIDE THE LIGHT SOURCE”.

AK8 says:

What’s the name of the first song?

Peter Tzonis says:

wow!!!! Great job, I wish I had the skill and resources to do that!

Mirton Morenz says:

I like your videos… very nice… you are so intelligent and skillful…

Tyrel Hiebert says:

Great project!

Cave canem says:

Really cool! You nailed it! Though i would have loved the remote on top. Keep it up! U r wonderful.

Markhor says:

Very nice

scwfan06 says:

Nice project but I would’ve inset the LEDs and covered them with milky glass.

SGK says:

Beautiful mechanical engineer , quite rare

ashutosh kumar says:

I think that wooden base on the opposite position it should be much better and much more a space on the front and also looks much pretty.

divyanshu Jatav says:

Very good

Stephen Randall says:

I really love this! Very nice design. I would really like to find an alternative to hot glue. It gets brittle over time, but I do like how quickly it sets up. Anyone have any ideas for a more lasting adhesion?

Jose Manuel. Cervantes says:

I feel in love Darvin!! Awesome Girl! I like pretty much your video!!

Elexie Munyeneh says:

I love you Darbin!

Jordan says:

You sound so swedish 😀

Subbu Deivanayagam says:

Hi Linn, Great work! BTW, do you leave your tools outside? How does that work out? I am thinking of doing the same in CA

Carlos Rosales says:

This Project looks awesome .
and why is always people saying is always something wrong with it. don’t be jealous just because you guys couldn’t make this lamp. Stay Smart.

Mohammad Saad Sheikh says:

Isn’t lead poisonous?

Stelios Kasikis says:

Thxs once again. U dont only look+sound nice but u also do very nice projects!

RideThroughLife says:

0:49 Dressed up like Luigi.

kam hagh says:

looks awesome while being simple!
I would probably use something like a NodeMCU and write an app for it, maybe even use Bluetooth. the nodeMCU is super cheap and it can let you control it from the internet. but the coding part however needs some work ;D but if you do write it you could easily re-use it for everything, so it would be one code to make everything Lighting device controllable from the local network. I might make it and make the code public in the next summer 🙂 I’m correctly busy removing nonsense for my school exams 😀

Arthur Rezende says:

Darbin, u awesome! I’m from Brazil and I fell on your channel through Pinterest, and I can’t stop watching! I’m already buying the materials to make this desk light and a lot of other cool things from your channel! My dad plays some electronic stuff, but I’ve never been much interested. Watching your channel, I wanted to learn more about it and also to plan and do my own projects. Congrats!

atgcpaul says:

Very nice project. Do you have an estimate for how many lumens those LEDs put out?

Cindy Hernandez says:

YOU ARE AWESOME!!! Love this so much. Wish I had those kinds of skills. Great Job!!!

elMick says:

Cool! Where did you get the wooden component drawers on your electronics desk? (3.29).

Marcelo Chaves says:

Nice project! I have to give it a try!

John McGuigan says:

The Code Book! Cool!

jr reodique says:

i just dont have any power tools to start with 🙁

musa babur says:

can you tell me how did you learn about all this. did you study architecture or product designing

Sean Anderson says:

Be very careful leaving electrical things exposed like that…
It’s neat project none the less.

MC's Creations says:

Beautiful lamp!

RedOni87 says:

Good work, and nice DIY.

Gulamkibria Pinu says:

most beautiful is the way u talks

Pablo Magaña-Pérez says:

You inspire me. Thanks.

Jash440 says:

You should have used a magnet for the remote on the back

Gonzalo Andrés says:

You talk very excting about your own proyect. I love your attitude. I’m gonna try

(sorry my english is not the best)

Dennis Macapagal says:

the prettiest, smartest woodworker i recently met in youtube is you! Subscribed till death! Wish you all of the best in health and in tools to come your shop.

Acid Rain Droopz says:

She’s probably from Sweden. Right?

Willian Bathke says:

loved it! it´s great

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