Automatic ON and OFF Light Switch | Simple DIY Project

This device turns lights on automatically when it’s a night, and off when it is a daytime, just like street lighting.
How it works: This device turns light bulb ON when it senses darkness and turns the light bulb off when it senses light.
What you need to build this device:
1. MOSFET 2N7000
2. Light dependent resistor LDR07
3. 470k resistor
4. 12V Relay
5. 12V Power Source
6. Wires.



nice, very symple automatic on_ off light


nice projekt

Viral Youtube says:

its called dark sensor

Chauhan Chauhan says:

No work

Mahendra Sahu says:


Technical Funda says:

I also.make automatic night light system. check it on my channel n tell me that how is it…thank u

Manish Kumar says:

very interested video

umesh sahu says:

sare bakvas hai banao to chalta nhi hai


nice projekt

No1 channel says:

aapko ldr sensor kitne rupe ko mila

Dev D says:

nicelly explained

Mukesh Balani says:

nice project.

Yasin Khan says:

good job

curelariu Ionuț says:

Hi I like what you do and I started doing what you do and you give me I’m at first if you want to help me with a little promotion of my YouTube channel please

Tarek Takou says:


akash singh says:

I can yuuse on dc power

Dzikri Science says:

bagus video nya

Ramdane Saidi says:

not bas projection, but ur relay is flickring…

akash singh says:

This project is work on dc power ?

PunakiviAddikti says:

very nice and simple, but please do *not* use bare mains wires like that. Rather, either get a PowerSwitch Tail or a special one socket extension device that has this type of circuit in it, plugs into the wall and has a socket output to drive any mains device. Use this circuit for LED strips only, for your own safety. They’re just as bright, can easily be controlled by a relay and use 12 volts.

Bob George says:

All this to keep a light bulb in a closed box?

colorado wilderness says:

Very interesting. Thanks

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