$40 DIY CAKE PAN LIGHT… Better than a $1000 video light?!?

In today’s video I teach you how to make a cheap video light, that gives professional looking results!

14 inch Cake Pan on Amazon: https://geni.us/CG3AxA0
Daylight LED Strip on Amazon: https://geni.us/yJ3NhlY
Diffusion Sheet on Amazon: https://geni.us/coAggi8
Smallrig Clamp Mount: https://geni.us/qxp2uI3
12V AC to DC Adapter on Amazon (always double check voltage before buying): https://geni.us/aKUCDJH

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Drew Robertson says:

To answer the question, yes it’s worth it, here are 2 benefits you failed to mention, less heat & less noise…thanks for the video! Also, thank you YCImaging!

Sam Ole says:

This is a super cool idea.I’ll sure make one,thank you!!

Jon Fraser says:

Dude… this actually looks really good! xD

Will Freeark says:

uhhh ya i’m making that tomorrow

Aloïs Van Parys says:

OMG amazing video!!!

Muhammad Hamza says:

nice diy. i do believe if the surface area was bigger, the led strip was a bit longer, had more power (wattage) and the bottom of the pan was made really reflective with aluminium foil. i’d say than it would have competed better.

kevin kabeya says:

Génial !!!

henry rivera says:

very cool

Rizky Gusna says:

what’s the length of the led strip?

Ezra Wood says:

Why doesnt this have more views, this is crazy!

JulianLeBLanc says:

Definitely has a green tint from the strips but maybe a magenta gel can fix it?

TTW says:

What about cri? Most of the led strips have a slight color shift to green or magenta, if you buy white led strips, try to find some with at least cri 90+

Nuwairi Asyraf says:

Henbu’s peace?

Piotr Mazur says:

it IS worth $40. Stealing a cake pan from my mom right now 🙂

Juul Verwegen says:

That light is AMAZING!
I’m going to make this light right now.

Noealz Photo says:

I saw that light – pretty cool idea,, perfect for someone poor like me

Oleg live says:


Camicees says:

So I guess I’m making one

Iñigo Bordiu CC says:


Chris Klugh says:

Looks like another such light you have… to bad you did not compare it to that cause that would have made for a more interesting comparison.

Lunch Break Productions says:

Can your next tutorial be on how to bake a cake with a 120d?

Michał Rytter says:

Someone at the cake pan company will be very baffled at sudden surge of pan sales…

Real Mehedi says:

Omg… It’s amazing

Kosim Shukurov says:

That’s so cool :))))

Dave Bujold says:

god dammit…. i have to go on amazon now.

Dev says:

Would you say that this set up could only work for close up lighting?

Levi Ventura says:

You’re a fucking genius. Bet bro cake pans.

AronBagel says:

I’m actually pretty surprised by how bright it is considering it’s just an LED strip! Brb buying a cake pan

林建志 says:

Next step light grid : ) https://youtu.be/TMGBtdbKLeg

RXCH.93 says:

Idk why i like that cake like so much more lol

FlybyFrancis says:

It is totally worth it for $40

Myde Ajoje says:

really nice out put. I will give this a try

yavor penkov says:

Awesome 🙂 I can clearly see the green cast from the pancake light but still…Great.

B Awake says:

Haha very nice! Gonna give it a go. Thnx bro!

DER PRiNZ - Photography says:

Actually I´m not a DIY person but this looks quite simple and the result looks quite good and to be very honest: The 120d doesn´t look 950 bucks better at all. I´m using a Godox SL 60W as my main light source but I will try the DIY light because for such a small amount of money I always have a need for an additional light.

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