3D PRINTED Colored Ambient Light – DIY RGB Video Light!

For a while I have wanted an RGB Video Light to use when I am recording videos, or taking some special shots or photos. I wanted to make it using the batteries I already use for lights, so I 3D printed a lamp with a modeled battery attachment.

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– RGB Led Strips: http://bit.ly/rgb-led-strip
– Led Controller: http://bit.ly/led-controller
– Power Supply: http://bit.ly/5aPowerSupply
– Boost converter: http://bit.ly/Boost-Converter
– Little friend (also called DC power connector): http://bit.ly/littledcfriend
– Vinyl Wrap: http://bit.ly/carbonfiberwrap
– Battery & Charger: https://bit.ly/2wdQHG9

– 3D Printer: http://bit.ly/CrealityCR10Printer
– Soldering Iron
– Hot Glue Gun

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sotnos90 says:

feels bad seeing you just rushing stuff…….i think it would just be better not to upload that often and make better videoes instead….

Nerdforge says:

Hey guys, hope you’re doing good! This is one of my more useful projects as of late. I already had a lot of use in this, and hopefully it will last me a good while! The tailored sockets for the battery just shows how useful 3D printing can be. Just all in all a build I am really happy with!

Dollar Travelers says:

Fantastic Video, Keep up the good work!

Ruvitha says:

plzzz subscribe me. i will subscribe back…

jay59932 says:

Pls try to upload more often

Filip Waal says:

Er dette fulltidjobben deres, eller har dere en jobb ved siden av? 🙂

Mind Made Design's - DIY says:

Nice made

Rob Nisters says:

soldering on aluminium strips?
That never worked for me.
Are you sure it was aluminium?

sumit patil says:


Can you help with this

hansdietrich83 says:

This could be done soooo much simpler

afxinfinitee says:

Weirdly I’m making my own 12V light but for different purposes.

One piece of advice with the boost converter, If you’re using multiple power sources add diodes on the boost converter output preventing 12V from trying to pass through the boost converter in reverse. Same with the DC jack unless you want to make more than one and want to daisy-chain them together.

IAGF says:

Whats the music you use at the end?

tim says:

Project Idea: You could build an enclosure or a whole printer cart on wheels for your 3D-Printer to keep heat and fumes in( or blow them out the window)

Ws2812B says:

I think this video is very good for beginners and easy to replicate. Great Job!

Oskar Erbstein says:

Can it be that Martina Squints a bit? Looks like she’s doing…

Abel H says:

For the bending at the 3d printer you can use tape or ordinary paperglue on the base to make it stick better 🙂

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