3 inventive lighting projects using LED strips

In this video I will be showing you how to build three unique lighting projects at home using LED strips. Here are the quality strips that I used: http://amzn.to/2vz4BOR (more links below if out of stock)

I specifically used the ‘daylight white 5600k’ strips, but the other colour temperatures are great too. Here’s an ebay listing of the 5600k variety: http://ebay.to/2eGlwL4

And an ebay listing of selectable colour temperatures: http://ebay.to/2uO1FjQ

Dimmer circuit:

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2tSATCe
eBay: http://ebay.to/2eGjNFJ

RGB Crystal Tower Light video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jh618yi0JZY


Storm Boss says:

I would like to know about the power source you used there.

Etblo says:

Hey i wondered if you could do a video on making a bluetooth surround sound setup. my setup right now isnt the best. 14 gauge wire, old speakers, the main thing i need is good base for a cheap price. can you help with that? thanks!

Jimmy Andersson says:

fuck that, i just put the strip in the back of my tv and pc monitor and it looks epic xD

Alonsitis Duff says:

“Having a direct view of the LED stripes could be very unconfortable”
*Shines them into the camera*
Good video overall, I will try some of this projects in a while for my new home 😀

Wellington Boobs says:

You are quite possibly the nicest person in England, or even on Earth, and therefore should begin cloning yourself. I will vote for you, marry you, have your children, anything at all as long as you keep multiplying and are everywhere within the next ten years or much less. All people must be you people. Thank you.

BlueRav3n says:

Hey DIY Perks, I was wondering if you made that microphone that is in you’re video about the hard drive repair, if so could you show us the viewer’s how to make one?


do not alumin *i* um
do aluminum

cereal murtherer says:

A-loom-in-um. Dumbass.

jpwowee says:

A nice condescending opening to his viewers!

Moon Idle says:

I’m sorry, but I can’t stand the way he says aluminum.

Dhaval Tandel says:


Thegetdowngoats says:

I don’t know why this made me feel uncomfortable

Alexander Dinchev says:

Good ideas and wonderful presentation!

Bounqxh イージス says:


vcthnp says:

this guy make me feel useless and unskilled… ahhahaah GJ =)

Dominic Victoria says:

What if I just use a potentiometer?

Fantasterrific says:

Link for the aluminium sheets?

Broccolli1500 says:

I’m trying to find the power jacks and adapters you use in your projects, would you mind linking me? I found a few, but I’m not sure if their the same.

Constant Throwing says:

That’s a really nice design, man.

I love uncomplicated stuff like this. It’s like you aren’t TRYING to impress anyone, but you know they’re gonna be impressed when they see the final results.

… Also: Subbed. What a great channel.

creative media says:

Hey, could you maybe have a DIY project of indoor lighting softbox for video creators.
Thanks. Love your projects.

Marc Couillard says:

Hi sir! I was wondering if you could tell me the thickness of the aluminium sheets and if there is anything special about it. I don’t know much about that, so i want to get the right stuff ^^

Zakaria Rahman says:

You should have a tv show

Tottie says:

It would be great if we FIRST got to know what you are going to make, THEN got told how to do it. As it is now it’s pretty confusing; why listen to an explanation on how to do something when you have no idea what that thing is….

girl of the cross says:

great ideas!! thanks 🙂

@brotschuh - DIY Experte says:

This Video is again VERY helpful and well made, Matt. You are an artist!

kobisjeruk says:

Instead of sanding them down you could get an embossed plastic A4. Slightly more expansive more all things considered its still pretty cheap.


im making those tin foil lights and slapping them on my ceiling … brilliant idea to scatter the light =D

Sky Dog says:

I love LED lighting projects : ) I wanted to subscribe but alas, I already had.

Cheers from Canada

Cat From The Future says:

In the cement step of the first one, to make the cement stronger, you want it to dry as slowly as possible. This allows the chemical reaction the cement undergoes in order to set, fully complete, as the catalyst is water. Also remove as many air bubbles as you can by tapping an shaking the mold.

Matus says:

I’ll be absolutely psyched if you make this in your next video: http://design-milk.com/112-year-old-company-making-enormous-tables-apple-campus-2/

oulzaha DIY's says:

waw amazing !!!!!

Eric says:

he looks like a fag

Craig Francis says:

What is this Blue Peter does LED lighting bullshit..

nrdesign1991 says:

Cheap LED strips do have their place though; i used cheap strips to give my 3D printers some light on the printbed. Works out perfectly in a non-critical situation.



Steven Cox says:

I’m seriously considering doing the last one to my ceiling in my kitchen.

Tommy Callaway says:

Great work as always man.

Will Rogers says:

The last one would be great mounted to a ceiling.

I’m glad you are making more videos again!

Zahlenteufel1 says:

4 hours of sleep is enough, right?

thecocopopscroc says:

i have my leds 50/50 rgb strips stuck to the inside of the top bunk all made of metal now thats what i call a large heat sink

Kristie Grubb says:

Enjoyed the video,very informative. I would like to know what sort of lighting is used to shoot the videos. Just started a work-at-home job requiring excellent lighting for Skyping, and wonder if the first project described would be sufficient to the job, rather than having floodlights pouring into my eyes?

PR TechGuy says:

Awesome! Thanks!

Shavone Granville says:

aluminiwhat? haha

Oliver Hoekstra says:

can you make a realy low budget LED builds?

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