$10 DIY Light Stand!

Continuing our series on DIY filmmaking gear, Ryan decides to tackle making his own $10 dollar light stand!

Shopping List:

6- 3/4″ PVC Elbows:

5- 3/4″ PVC Tee:

1- 3/4″ PVC Coupling:

1- 1/2″ PVC Couplings:

1- 3/4″ PVC Cross:

PVC Cutter:

1- All purpose cement:

#6 – 32 x 2″ in Machine Screws:

6-32 Machine nuts


1- Drill bit:

2- 3/4 PVC Pipes:

1- 1/2 PVC Pipes:
More DIY filmmaking tips:
$25 Shoulder Mount: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOVswSEXsYk
$20 DSLR Shoulder Rig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNCwPDXODMs

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Life Rendered says:

It stumped me for a minute so I want to make sure I am right lol The pool scene at 1:39 he said 2 3/4″ pvc pipe and 1 3/4″ inch pvc pipe. I think the second time he meant 1 1/2″ pvc pipe ? That he used for the upper part of the mast. I could be wrong but if not I just want to make sure anyone trying this has everything they need 😀

Carlos Gomez says:

What happened to episodes like this? WE NEED MORE DIY (2016)

Avo says:

make a crane

Funwithcoolbros says:

XD JOSH in the backround is HILARIOUS XD

Stuart Tollison says:

I just did the math, and these cost about from $15.57 to $17.03 for the PVC alone, assuming that you have at least a couple of nuts and bolts around the house that you can use. Those prices are from either Lowes or Home Depot respectively. And you’ll most likely want at least 2, so the prices would double to $31.14 or $34.06. If you need clamp lights, they are $8.47 from both stores for an 8 inch light. Those would be $16.94 for the pair. So in all, a 2-peice kit will cost about $48.08 or $51.00, plus local taxes. And this is using the second mounting method with the 1/2 coupling mounted onto the light.

Not too bad, but unfortunately the 3-for-$60 thing won’t work out, unless you get something on sale.

Steve Dunch says:

…..Low end.

Cinematographer says:


郭女王 Tofu says:

This is SO CLEVER! 😀 I actually have a bendable floor lamp, so……

Jacob Rochleau says:

wait you have a pool nice!

Travis Whitworth says:

Anyone know any way to create an adapter that will allow you to mount the can light on a light stand with a 1/4″ screw?

Cococolton says:

Can you do a DIY build stabilizer for the GoPro?

Patrick Burns says:

Two 7′ tripod stands for under $20 – with shipping.  Sorry, not trying to bust the DIY spirit, but these are going to be more portable, look better and cost the same.  http://www.ebay.com/itm/331411117687?_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

Danny Canon says:

You guys are Awesome!

Daniel Brent says:

What are the cutting measurements for the base pieces, or the measurement of the completed base?

Eshan Bedagkar says:

superb skill and whacky creativity.i got a 10 ft light stand with an umbrella mount for 13$ in india. but a yongnuo flash the yn600 ex rt costs nearly 400$ vis a vis the 150$ in the states. to all thoses people cribbing, this tutorial is a diy project, do it if u like. see what suits you the best. thanks a lot ryan

S.A.Q says:

the all purpose cement is for what?

wesam Ahsan says:

حلو جدا

Danny Canon says:

How much weight can it hold? At least 10lbs?

Justino Bermudez says:

Allway to fast for me Puerto Rico

Leonardo Eloy says:

Just did this one. Looks sick and works wonderfully!

Robin Clark says:

Hi Guys, I did everything as shown. My problem is the 1/2″ PVC doesn’t slide into the 3/4″ boo !

Lucid Dreamz Comedy says:

he lightly stroked the pipe

dexmatic says:

Really great video.. Thanks guys. 

Hardi Sidarta says:

You Know What ? This is Brilliant! Thanks now i wanna make some.

kurt prodüksiyon sebolika says:

I would follow you with interest so super adorable congratulations love the turkey and assistance

El Even says:

or just buy One for 15 Dollars

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