Last Minute DIY Gifts Ideas You NEED To Try! For BFF, Boyfriend, Parents… Birthdays/ Christmas

For my fist idea you will of course need some Popsicle sticks, you can find them at craft stores, and line them up like these. You can use two of them to make everything even and glue one of them to the bottom and one to the top to keep everything in place. For decoration I decided to write best friends, but you can write something else or even draw something and in my case I went over with some acrylic paint to make the letters really stand out and after letting it dry you can glue some clips and attach there pictures and memories of you and your friend, sister, parent or whoever you’re going to give the gift to, and finally tape some chord or twine to the back so they can hang it and that’s it!

For the next idea you will need a little candle in a vase like this, you can also make it yourself and for the personalized tags, fist search diptyque candle printables to find a label, save it and open it with picmonkey or any other editor you want. Use the draw tool to erase the name of the candle and then go to text and write the name you want letter by letter. The font that I found work the best is arial Baltic but you can try different fonts and arrange the letters however you want, and you have it however you want print them with a size a little smaller than your vase obviously, so I resize them in a word office document and print them out. Cut them and stick them with some glue to my little vases. And to make them all pretty and nice I wrapped them in some cellophane and tied some ribbon. And they are ready!

The next one is super easy you will need one of these rings for like, ring making, I guess and a stone that you can buy or find in nature too, so glue it to the ring with any glue and then take this golden wire, you can use other colors too and first secure one end with glue and simply wrap it around the stone as many times as you want and finally secure the other end with a little more glue.

The next idea is amazing and you will need two pieces of cardstock of 20×10 cms in one color and other two in another color. You will need to mark them at 5 cm from the top and from the bottom, draw a line and fold them there. Do this with your 4 pieces. Now take the first color, in my case the blue and make a line in the middle in the top and bottom sections and you will get something like this. Repeat with the other piece and place them side by side leaving a tiny gap in the middle and you will need to add glue to the squares on the outer corners. Then stick the other color pieces sideways like so and you card is ready! And then just decorate it!

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For the harry potter inspired idea, you will need tiny bottles, mine came with glitter and everything and are from tiger, but you can also shop them separately if you can’t find them like this, and you could also fill the bottles with colored water and for the labels you can search harry potter potion labels on google images and choose the one you and print it, you can also handwrite it but it is so tiny that I find it really difficult, so in my case I just cut them and glue them to the tiny bottles. And to make them into charms you will need these little hooks that you can attach to the cork, so you can hang them later and make key chains or necklaces.

For the last one you will need a piece of velvet ribbon of the size of your neck, a hoop with a jump ring, a charm, crimp end closures, and two chains a little longer than half the size of the ribbon. Start opening the jump ring and place the charm and the two chain and close it back. Now place the hoop through the velvet ribbon so you get something like these and attach the closures to each side. Now kind of fold it in half and you will see that the closures also have some jump rings, so open them and place the other end of the chain and close it back.



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I used the first one to make 18 for my class for valentines day….Thank you so much for that one

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Make something out of a glass botarle

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