LAST MINUTE DIY Gifts! Harry Potter, magic card…| For BFF, Boyfriend, Parents…Christmas/Birthday

So for the first project you will need a box like this, you can find it at the dollar tree and places like that. And I decided to paint it white with acrylic paint but you can paint it any color you want or leave it as it is. Then, take some felt pieces of the same width of the box and roll them and secure them with some hot glue or any kind of glue. You can make the rolls wider or thinner, that’s up to you. And repeat with more pieces until you have enough to fill the box. Once you have them all, place them in the box, they stay in place pretty well but you can add some glue if you want and finally I decided to decorate the box with these flowers, they are cabochons for decoden projects and stuff but you can decorate your box however you like.

And that’s it! This is an adorable gift for someone who has a lot of earrings or rings, and if you have extrabudget you can even buy some earrings and put them inside.

For this amazing card you will need four square piece of cardstock, mine were 20 by 20 cm but they can be bigger or smaller if you want, but they have to be square. Now fold the piece in half and in half on the other direction. Open the fold and make a cut on one of the folds, you can see it better in the video. Now simply use that cut to fold the paper like this, so create this figure. And secure it in place with some glue. Now fold that diagonally so you get something like what you can see in the video, it’s a little difficult to explain but it’s really easy to do and the repeat with the rest of the pieces. Once you have them all glue them together in a pile as I’m doing here, so you get something like this, you should be able to open and close it. Now it’s time for the design! Take pictures of you and your friends or your family depending on who you are going to give the gift to, you can add sticker and any kind of decorations, but make sure they are flat, so you can close the card and then decorate the cover, as you can see I made it very Christmassy, but can decorate it with another theme of course. Make a hole on the side, so that way you can keep it close with a ribbon.

And this is the final result! As you can see it turned out amazing and it was super easy and super inexpensive so yeah, I hope you can try it!

The third one is for all the potterheads out there and you will need some clear glycerin soap, so melt it in the microwave and then add some food or soap coloring in bright red and then use a plastic cup to pour the soap and that way once it is dry it will be super easy to take it out. The use a knife to give it the shape, simply make some cuts like so and of course be really really careful. For decoration I cut thin pieces of paper and put the in a box and then the soap, and to decorate the box I searched on google the envelope that hagrid gives to the goblin in the bank, I printing along with some harry potter stamps and then you can cut everything and arrange the envelope. Cut the stamps and stick them to the box and also you can write a message or even make a card to go inside the envelope. Tie everything with some cord and that’s it!

So I really like how this turned out, I think it’s perfect for all the harry potter fans out there and as you saw it was super simple to make.

The next one is a classic idea which is to make a candle so start gluing the wicks to a glass or jar, then melt some wax and add some crayons for the color and some essence so it smells nice. Pour it in the jar and let it set, you can of course make as many colors as you want, I made another green layer and while that was drying I decided to use some leftover from the brown wax to sprinkle there because it reminded me of chocolate, kind of, and then for decoration I placed some iridescent plastic and a ribbon. I think this one is a super simple gift but perfect for candle lovers and a lot cheaper than most of the candles out there.

And the last gift is perfect as a stocking stuffer or as a party favor, so you will need some chocolate bars of your choice and unwrap them and wrap them again in aluminum foil. This is not necessary if they already come with some silver paper or something like that. Now you can use some wrapping paper, or decorative paper or even you can print some images like so and I decided to add a little bit of glue and glitter to make them more special, but you can skip this step if you want and then use those paper pieces to wrap the candy. Now you can use some cord to make little packages with them like this, and of course you don’t have to make them Christmassy, as you can see here I used some vintage papers to make the same thing. And they are finished! I think giving candy as gift is super nice but it’s better if you customize the packaging to make it super personal.



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