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– Meg


Hannah Hughes says:

Shower routine please.

Samantha Kwait says:

Glad you ended up doing this video this year! Cute and different

Maria Solano says:

Meg I’m not sure if you thought of trying acupuncture to help the pain. Find a really well rcimmended acupuncturist and I’m sure they can help the pain

Daisy Hernandez says:

Another year gone by without a proposal.. How does it feel?

kimmybbbyeah says:

Have to comment here since they’re off for the vlogs. Who is the mom and baby that are always at Meg’s house? Did she take in some strays? 😉

Patricia Lyons says:

Just wanted to say that I’ve been a fan of yours since you started your channel and I’m so proud of how far you’ve come! You have an amazing channel and your little family is so adorable! It amazes me how people expect you to look the same when you grow up in front of a camera. You are beautiful and healthy! I definitely do not look the same I was when I was 16. I was 120 pounds and I look back on photos and I could use a cheeseburger. Love you meg!

Mr Cowan says:

I found this site where people talk sh*t about you. You should read it and maybe people will like you more 😛

Emilytylervlogs says:

Looking at these comments makes me so sad. People are so cruel, I’m sorry meg I get why you disable comments:(

Becca Wood says:

Loved all of these ideas! So easy and festive!

A Karlin says:

These were great ideas. This video was so relaxing to watch, your voice is soothing and everything was so pretty!

Dawn Walters says:

Awesome ideas Meg!

Olivia Brochman says:

Your last vlog is literally all you and your friends bitching about your horrible restruant service…obviously I wasn’t there, so I don’t know the story but in my experience in working in restruants, when a manager responds to a customer complaint the way this manager did to Anthony, 99% of the time it’s either because you or the person you were with was an asshole. You sit on your ass all day and you’re seriously complaining about slow service? Try being a server for a day. You wouldn’t last a night. You’re so sensitive to vlog comments so I can guarantee that you would go home crying every night if you were in your severs shoes.

Shania Marie says:

Loved this!!!!!

Princess Z says:

Getting sick caused your daily uploading schedule to fail? What a hell of an excuse. The vlogs were ALWAYS late even when you weren’t sick. Just quit YouTube cause at this rate you’re doomed to have a heart attack with all the “stress” it causes you

KaKuz94 says:

Hey just wondering if I get a husky do I need a big house or is a condo okay ?

HEP ROOF says:

I love these ideas for next year 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

Explicit Low says:

you fuckin suck at your “job” lol.

Elideth Lujan says:

Keep going Meg!!!! I believe in You!

Mallory Hatton says:

You were one of my favorite YouTuber’s for years and I watched your channel religiously. Although your content has became extremely boring and inconsistent. Maybe focus on yourself for a while and come back but for now you’ve lost me as a subscriber.

Amanda Pethtel says:

I’m new to her vlog channel. Does anyone know who the people are with the baby that have been staying at their house? I think the guys name is Brandon? I thought he might be related to Anthony. Do they live with them now? There’s no reason that I need to know this. I’m just nosey. Lol.

Nicole's Spiritual corner says:

I just wanted to comment on your frozen shoulder because I have the same promblem with my shoulder I can’t even sleep on it sometimes they told me I was to young to get the cortisone shot and told me to do Physical Therapy first and if it didn’t work then they would give me the the shot if the therapy didn’t work so maybe try the therapy I’m also busy so I haven’t tried it yet just a suggestion.

Christina Ruiz says:

To answer your question in your last vlog, yeah I think me and everyone else would agree that you should not only quit your vlog channel but YouTube all together. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that you aren’t happy. You upload maybe twice a month on your main channel and all your content is sponsored which shows a huge lack of interest or passion for what you are doing. And your vlogs mainly just you complaing. You’ve had your comments disabled for almost three years now, which is another sign to quit. That’s a huge sign that you can’t handle it. Then again, don’t know why you’d ask your viewers if you should quit because it you did, you would lose income.

Beautiful Hope says:

Lovely video♡ question, does anybody know the song that meg was playing on her snap chat video when she was going to use her sparkly bath melt even though it was a lotion bar.. that song was so pretty and I am not sure what it is

McKendra Ray says:

Your last vlog is literally a joke. You’re in so much pain to the point where you are brought to tears but you don’t want to take the necessary steps to help yourself get better? You don’t have time to do physical therapy but yet you have all the time in the world to lay on the couch all day watching TV, get your nails done and go on shopping sprees at Target. If you don’t even care to help yourself, please don’t bitch and moan about how much you have been suffering for a year. If you’re this laid back about your health, you sure as hell are *not* ready for kids. You can’t ignore flu-like symptoms (especially when they’re babies and have a weaker immune system) or an injury when they fall and hurt themselves. Grow up and take care of YOU before you decide to bring an innocent life into this world.

Brianna Cortiz says:

You have failed miserably at vlogmas….and the vlogs that have been put up are extremely boring…will not be watching anymore…

Miranda Olson says:

Love this girl!!!!

Savannah Herron says:

Can you do more essential oil videos

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