Easy Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts + Cards 2017! Quick & Cute Gift ideas for your mom!

Check out LAST YEARS DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2016: https://youtu.be/cHuvE-ATwiw ♡
heyyy guys! today’s video is all about DIY Mother’s Day gifts and diy gift ideas for your mom! I show you how to make 3 DIY Mothers Day gift ideas and gifts for 2017 that are perfect for your mom for mother’s day! In addition, I show you how to make 2 diy mothers day cards! Here are some EASY Last Minute diy mother’s day gifts and gift ideas 2017 that are tumblr and pinterest inspired!! These DIY mothers day Gifts are great for mother’s day 2017 and I hope you enjoy this DIY Mother’s Day video! So mothers day 2017 is just a few days away so here are some quick, cute, cheap, easy last minute gifts just in time for diy mother’s day gifts, diy gifts, diy presents, and diy mothers day gifts your mom will LOVE! Pretty sure all mothers and moms will love these do it yourself craft gifts and gift ideas! All of these diys will make an awesome present for moms!

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♡Watch last years’ DIY Mother’s Day Gifts: https://youtu.be/cHuvE-ATwiw


BIA NC says:

you deserve more followers!

TwistedCracker says:

It’s literally Mother’s Day and I haven’t done anything yet… i kinda forgot until 2am #ineedjesus

LimeSlime says:

What songs did you use? : l

LPS LivingLife says:

The mirror quote is from Regina’s mom in Mean Girls

Allison Pearlman says:

The intro ends at 1:23 thank me later

Hayden Peckitt Films says:

She deserves more views for the good quality vids.

Wonderful Joy says:

From the movie “Home”

Tiffy Dew says:

she is so pretty

Tvd Forever says:

You look like Sophia grace but in the future

Lavina w says:

u r so cute

t bryant says:

wow thanks for the idea

BrookieBear101 says:

The only last minute one was the card and it’s kinda lame

Cool video though

Ginger Washburn says:

thank you ily she loved it

Stephanie McIntosh says:

my name is stephanie and i spell it the same way

Peaches & Kream says:

broke af, on vacation and can’t make any of these smh help

glitterfizz09 says:

What camera do you use??

Roderick Brown says:

I have no materials for these!!

sachi jain says:

i loved the mirror diy so i went to michaels and i got all the supplies and i made it, it was just so creative

Isabella Mcniel says:

Skip to 1:22 to actually see the diys

Amy Greene says:

you literally make the best vids and your really pretty

Shree Sanyal says:

Mean girls

McKenzie Boost says:

Well Im watching this On mothers Day. 12:18 AM. I still dont have a gift and i cant go to the store…. and I cant find these items so I cant make any of these. sadly.

Sophia Lingrosso says:

Yes I can relate. The first time my mom using a IPad was so hilarious

Mayflower2005 says:

Mean Girls!! Love it!!

beautyqueen101 says:

Thank you sooo much for the ideas tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I have nothing and I am doing the cards!

Portia Farah says:

I’m literally watching this on Mother’s Day
Btw love your hair

Twin Challenge Toys says:

Very funny! Great colors! Very cool!

Panda pilot says:

What kind of cacti do you have? They look nice, and as a proud Succulent/Cactus gardener I’d love to find more.

PinkPuffyParty says:

Not a regular mom, a cool mom -MEAN GIRLS

l Cristalz l says:

U posted this right before my birthday❣️

Cameron Hayes-Gowen says:

mean girls

stephany velazquez says:

My name is Stephany just not spelled with nie

Kendall Swaney says:

where did you get the mirror and the letters

DuhhItzTrinity says:

Who else is watching this on Mother’s Day?

BIA NC says:

hi stephanie! please help me. mothers day here in ph is now! I cant think of any gifts now! please i beg u

Camila Cueva says:

this video was published on my birthday.THX for making it early so i can make it for her

Sidharth Nagam says:

Oh man my definition of last minute is like the night before mothers day

Savannah Samoian says:

these are not last minute. dude these take like 2 hours. and who the f has tye dye lying around.

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