Easy Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2016! Quick & Cute Gift ideas for your mom!

Check out THIS YEARS DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2017: https://youtu.be/NRLqk-_dFVs ♡
hiii guys! today’s video is all about DIY Mother’s Day gifts and diy gift ideas for your mom! I show you how to make 4 DIY Mothers Day gift ideas and gifts for 2016 that are perfect for your mom for mother’s day! Here are some EASY Last Minute diy mother’s day gifts and gift ideas 2016 that are tumblr and pinterest inspired!! These DIY mothers day Gifts are great for mother’s day 2016 and I hope you enjoy this DIY Mother’s Day video! So mothers day 2016 is just a few days away so here are some quick, cute, cheap, easy last minute gifts just in time for diy mother’s day gifts, diy gifts, diy presents, and diy mothers day gifts your mom will LOVE! Pretty sure all mothers and moms will love these do it yourself craft gifts and gift ideas! All of these diys will make an awesome present for moms!
XOXO Stephanie Carina

DIY Gifts for Parents!
DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2016: https://youtu.be/cHuvE-ATwiw
DIY Mother’s Day Gifts 2017: https://youtu.be/NRLqk-_dFVs
DIY Father’s Day Gifts 2017: https://youtu.be/rXwVsMZJQqw

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Like if you think she looks like Selena Gomez

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Is it just me or do you look alot like kyutie//ellen?

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You look a lot like Selena Gomez, ps you have a beautiful smile!

Gover Sanchez says:

I did all of them !!!

Gover Sanchez says:

Thums down !!!!!!!!!

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She looks like Selena Gomezzzzz!!!!!!

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you should make a musi.ly aount

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I am

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whos watching this on mothers day bc they forgot

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i love my mommy so i can do this!

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u look like Selena Gomez in a good way like if u agree (I’m not trying to be mean )

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She looks like Sophia grace

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thanks for this vid 😀 <3

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i mean forrget about it

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i want to make them all

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i would love to do those but i already bought her a gift butayde next year

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this is cool

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this isnt buitful

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am i write guys

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she looks like Selena and breland from glitterforever17 had a baby

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I thought it was kutie omg

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she looks like a mix of Selena Gomez, Sophia Grace and Brealend from GlitterForever17

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No catillina but you can get a

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Great DIYs!!

Stephanie Romero says:

Love your videos

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that was good

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whatever but she is cute

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but my would not care if I dont get her anything

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you look very beautiful

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