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Time & again, we all show love to our mothers so technically we don’t need to single out a day to make our mothers feel special or even to shower them with surprises! I’m sure they already have everything they would ever need such as a new pair of jewellery or another fancy bag! But something that’s handcrafted and made personally, is truly priceless!

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A] Handmade Card:
-Card size paper
-Heart shaped cut out
-Tachni pins
-Needle and thread

-Take a card size paper

-Fold it in half

-Using a heart shaped cut out trace it onto the card

-Poke the edges of the heart using a pin

-Erase the pencil marks

-Put the thread into the needle and tie a knot

-Starting from the bottom come up through the hole and finish back on the other side poking downwards

-Begin threading in a criss cross pattern to create an abstract design

-Continue till all the holes are threaded


-Photo of your choice
-Candy sticks

-Select a picture of you and your mom

-Flip with picture and glue it on evenly

-Using some candy sticks align them vertically

-Make sure it’s properly stuck

-Add a secret message for your mom

-Carefully cut in between each stick

-Separate them put it in a bag

-Let your mom piece it together

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instead of material things you can also give your mom. breakfast in bed or clean her room or other things like too cook for her

pali majumdar says:

well wow! my name is riya too

Ayushi Agarwal says:

hey I made the card my mom absolutely loved it tysm for such an wonderful idea❤

stylesisters says:

u guys just posted this 3 days after mothers day

Madhuri A H says:

Thank you for the ideas, I always like watching your videos:)

Tsega berhe ? says:

last minute squad starts here

maya montague says:

My mother loved the heart card!

Ruchika garg says:

superb awsm great idea

vismithaa Shivakumar says:

pls make a skincare routine for 14

Akash Ganesh says:

Riya looks like her mom! I love this video I give one like to this video and its really very easy to do so guys let’s try and see?:-)

vismithaa Shivakumar says:

pls make a video

Lily Mara says:


Kendall Swaney says:


Meghana Sri says:

nice ideas

vipul jain says:

very nice really

Aashvi Gala says:

Is there any specific thread used

nightfall shine says:

in the card when you poke the outlines of the card i was like “OMG this is gonna take hours


after it is done “this looks nice just a little pointy”

Rash U says:

I couldn’t make out who’s the mom in this.. :p

Ipshita Bhardwaj says:

u r wonderful…. I loved this video….

Rakshika barren says:

but plz wait to do for it

Christina Peter says:

very creative sister

Riya Ghate says:

This is the first vid I’ve watched by her and I realized we have the same name.

Sakshi Panwar says:

Very nice and easy.. loved it.. thanks..

Rakshika barren says:

Of course i really do it

Eloise Rowe-Davies says:

so cool

Vasudha Joshi says:

a mothers day gift should be heartfelt and can never be called ‘Cheap’ … bad title

Mukesh Gupta says:

it is awesome

Indrani Jha says:


Arsh Bajwa says:

Luved the puzzle idea a lot!

Pooja Mohale says:

Jain log creative hote h…

tooba siddique says:

thank u so much
i am proud of u

tunails says:

Sweetest video ever

Dos si says:

hey, its awesome idea…but where can I get candy sticks?

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