DIY Last Minute Christmas Gifts you NEED to try!

Here are some kind of weird DIY christmas presents and gifts you NEED to try! They’re perfect for last minute christmas presents!I tried to make christmas gifts for EVERYONE like best friends, boyfriend, mom, dad, friends, so i hope this is helpful!

ALSO to keep the design on the mug, be sure to bake it at 350 degrees for at least 30 min! I recommend doing this twice 🙂

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Lexie Zitko says:

And for the fry diy you could write fries before guys on it ..get it the presidents are guys

Lovely Child says:

this helped me so much

Meghan Dorsey says:

A lot of these ideas are great! It’s a bit confusing because they’re not all DIY- but hey, there’s a lot of wonderful possibilities in here! Thanks for sharing!

Merle B says:

pretty sure the clothing thing when you stick on the supreme tag and when you ironed on the gucci thing is illegal

Safira Simoes says:

Are you rich

Alexandra Gales says:

I Love you so so SO much more than a year

Kittylover3650 says:

Love your HOLO nails :3

Lupita Trujillo says:

wow Haley you look like little Kelly

Tammy Rocks says:

Aaah Your Sooo Pretty !! Soo Creative 🙂 Lysssm xx

Taehyungie Art says:

Where did you get that shirt? Also Merry Christmas

Louise Kinler says:

I have an origami book on how to fold dollar bills so I always just end up making the cash and origami

Alexia Reed says:

I subscribed

Reys intro channel says:

really sucks because your not cool

Polari3 AJ says:

Wait, I thought you were going to link the website below for the Abe Lincoln thing :L

Lisa De La Cruz-Caldera says:

You’re video is so bad

phoebe needham says:

I subscribed

Emma Waghorne says:

DEFINETLY Going to try the money ones. ILYSM!!!

hazel aguillon says:

hola buenas tardes

bigfun29 says:

Joke ! Bath bombs are the bomb

Alyssa Merlini says:

3:41 font’s name?

Safira Simoes says:

Are those notes real x

Dyana Diaz says:

Where did you get the supreme patch?

Maddie Lawes says:

You didnt link anything you said you would 🙁

Valerie Roy says:

dont mind that link it doesnt work

Vina Hoang says:

does anyone know the Instagram account she was talking about

Braixe n says:


Misstoo Plays GT says:

Last minute gift idea- get a beanie and glue a patch on it.. Leave it to dry for 24 hours -.-

i want soup says:

I getting my family bags of air

Olivia O'Keefe says:

I think it was amazing

Mya Wallace says:

Does any one know what the Instagram for the knock off designer shirts ?

nisa kılıç says:

0:00 item name? dıy gift yazan iam from turkey

simplyycaseyyxo !!! says:


Aria Holt says:

You never put the Instagram link to the knock off shirts idea

LostToken says:

Can’t wait until my cousins get older… :/

Hanna Lee says:

morning routine ??

Tasenee Nak says:

Where’s the link for the Lincoln hat

مشاري says:

can you give me your playlist on Spotifiy

Safira Simoes says:

Are you rich

always stay striving says:

where did you get the champion x gucci logo from?

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