DIY Last Minute Christmas Gifts ! Testing Pinterest and Buzzfeed DIYs !

DIY Last Minute Christmas Gifts ! Testing Pinterest and Buzzfeed DIYs
I thought I’d show you a few DIY last minute Christmas gifts from Pinterest and Buzzfeed but with a little twist! I’m going to test how easy and quick they are to make!
Let me know what other videos you’d like to see for Christmas 2017! DIY Christmas Gifts, DIY Christmas Room Decor, more DIY Last Minute Christmas Gifts, Christmas Wishlist, Holiday Gift Guide, Holiday morning / evening routine, What I got for Christmas ?

Testing Ebay Christmas Costumes :
Christmas Playlist :
Christmas Room Decor :
Christmas Gifts :

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Katherine cumming says:

1:25 “And all of that JAZZ!”


Try d remaining DIYs plz plz plz

Debbie McDarby says:

She on blow???

Maja Fritsch says:

You can paint little snowflakes on the front of the jar or trees in the pack of the jar to make it look better. And also paint the lidd in a better color, maybe red. 🙂

Grace Condon says:

Can you do a Christmas weekly series for diy’s for Christmas presents … please I love your channel ❤️

Soph Mo says:

Can you show us the rest

Chantillilace says:

Omg Jazzyyyy I love you & your videos so much, it would be absolutely amazing to meet you, you actually put a smile on my face when I’m feeling really down,,, put some water/baby oil in the jar with the snowman so it looks like a snow globe, you could even add a bit of that glitter along with the snow as well to give it a better effect & then tie a ribbon around the bottom or something maybe?? Please reply to me, would really make my day xxx

Yunie Corn says:

I like your top!

PikachuZz NiNjaZz says:

Who wants more diys love u jazzy

Lauren Turner says:

For the DIY in the glass try and put some water in it and then it will fall nicer ☃️☃️ love u ❤️❤️

Camila Cacheu says:


Imogen Evans says:

make the snowman a snowglobe

Chelsea Smith says:

I think you should do where you try out Christmas outfits from eBay

Hearthelatestnews Presents says:

3 in 10 minutes

Mariah Howell says:


Katherine Botting,couturekathy says:

Brilliant xxx

Neha Anil says:

Hello Jazzybum!!
Do videos of testing ‘tasty’ recipes!!

Marie's Silly Slimes says:

You are supposed to put saline in the snow globe

Noomie says:

How is this last minute :’) We are still in November hahaha.

sophsoph 147 says:

To make the snowman better you should have added water to make it look like it’s really snowing XX love your videos

Whanda M says:

Yay I got it correct she got four done!!!

kinsey watson says:

Decorate a gingerbread house!!!!!!

Megan Thompson says:

I think you are supposed to put water in the jar so it is like a snow globe

Monika Kristoffersen says:

More videos like this please!! ❤

Lilith Powers says:

Put some water in the jar and make a snowglobe.

Natalie Rhone says:

OMG so cute! 😀 🙂 ♥♥

Blanca Dias says:


Simply Skyy says:

Where did u get your jumper from ?? Please reply ❤️❤️

Nia White says:

I love your sweater so much

Sarah-Kate Ryan says:

You did a good job!! What about making Christmas slime? You should try it again.

signe zetterström says:

I thunk you an make 5 DIYs

Chyane Tibert says:

Love your videos

Esha Shahzad says:

You should do this kind of video again with more diys

Doodledate isgreat says:

The glitter you can get from the range

Brie Hosking-Smith says:

The snowman you can put water in it

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