DIY Holiday Gift Ideas! Easy & Affordable gifts for a $1!

Today I show you 10 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas for EVERYONE on your list!
DIY Dollar Store Gifts $1 Gift Ideas All of these Ideas are inexpensive, cute and Unique Christmas Presents people ACTUALLY want!

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Its almost Christmas! In Todays video I share with you 10 gift ideas for friends, family, boyfriends, and everyone else on your list! All of the gifts are things you can DIY from the Dollar Store! Thats right! These are $1 gift ideas that people actually want! If you guys want to see more easy, fun and affordable DIY projects and Decor ideas make sure to SUBSRIBE! Give this video a thumbs up too because it helps a lot!! Love you guys!

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Esmeralda H says:

you look so good

Aleisha Velasquez says:

All these things look like crap

Amber Roberts says:

pause at 0:00 hhhahhahahahhahha it looks like shes drunk

Eva Tyliakos says:

Shes a ipad geek

Talea J says:

I tried the sharpie diy and the marker did not work now there is just a white mug and it is not that fun

Maricela Atempa says:

she didn’t do 10 she only did 5

Mia Abigail says:

love the ideas!! thanks!

MrDerpy :3 says:

Trying to get 1,000 subs plz help. Thx if u did

Quibisaurus says:

I might do the Pringle can one

my41815 says:

oversaturation kills brain cells

Zoe Papaleo says:

Really bad acting

Madison Brodie says:

Wow dat was cool xxxzzzccc

Monti Zoomers YouTube Channel says:

My name is Montana

Hannah Morris says:

defenitly coffee mug for my teacher

Bryanna Katherine says:

If you get three different size Pringles cans, you can make Santa containers too. Red paper, cotton balls, so on…

Swagger Maker says:


Cyndi Mcmurrian says:

I know Sharpies are permanent. but would thry stay for a long time marked on the mugs? anyone know of a cheap way to make what you draw more permanent? a seal. or a different type of marker etc? Cute ideas! I am using at least 2 of these! I am also trying to scrounge up craft supplies on the cheap or free, my wallet is taking a huge hit right before Christmas but I love the giving season!

Hannah chung says:

Coal… I’m putting coal in my little brothers stocking.

Rosa Ceron says:

ji i am now love you

Lizbeth Garcia says:

Video starts 1:23

Anton Chan says:

not to be mean but the acting in the intro sucked

Kylee Mccrery says:

video starts at 1:24


sure i will put subscribe cause ur adorable

Kati Eskola says:

are she girl or boy?

Gamer Mintie says:


Anne Flibbit says:

Your Christmas stuff is amazing on my try one for a while

Colleen Scheid says:

Ya they do like i said on the last vid i wached make longer videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squishie_lover_ Stevie says:

You are a life saver !!!!!

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