DIY Gifts Ideas You NEED To Try! For BFF, parents, boyfriend…Christmas /Birthdays

Hey guys!! Here are some instructions for the diys:

1 So, for the first idea you will need to make some clay, so that is equal parts of white glue and cornstarch a tiny bit of oil and a tiny bit of Vaseline and mix it until it has a sticky texture. Then put it in a pot with hot water but not boiling and stir for like five minutes until it hardens and sticks to the spoon.

Now it’s time to make the little charms, first I made a marshmallow, then a square shape and tiny squares to make like a chocolate bar piece and finally another square this time with a line in the middle, I made this with a needle and some dots like this to make the cracker. Of course you don’t need to make these designs; you can make your own design or check my other gift videos for more design ideas.
I also took a wire and twisted to make a little hook and attach it to the charms like this, and now just let them dry for 2 or 3 days. I know it is a long time so if you don’t have time you can also use polymer clay that you can buy at craft stores.
Now it’s time to paint them and I used acrylic paint for this, because I had all the colors but you can use nail polish too.
And after letting the paint dry you can attach a chain to each of the charm to make the necklaces, oh and you can also paint cute faces to the charms but since I do that every year I wanted t try something different and that’s it!

2 For the second idea start off cutting a sponge like this, you can use a cuter or ax-acto knife, cut it until you get little cubes and then in half again. Then use some white silicon, like the one that it’s used for decoden stuff and fill the cake and place the other half on top. To decorate the top, I’m using some deco-sauce that it’s like puffy paint basically, and put it at the top and dripping a little bit down the sides. Let this dry overnight and then again with the silicone, using a tip, like the ones for icing I made a little decoration at the top and then added some cabochons.
You can leave it as a squishy or you can attach a keychain thingy and make it a keychain and I just attach it with a thread like so and then making a knot.

3 For the next project the best is to have glycerin soap, but I could find a lot where I live so I cut cubes of regular soap and put it in this cute heart shaped mold, and then I took this pink glycerin soap, which you can actually melt so I did so and pour it onto the molds.
You can also just pour the pink soap until you reach the middle of the mold and then add a drop of food blue food colring to make the remaining soap purple and pour the rest.
And as I had some leftover a mixed some cosmetic glitter in there and pour the soap into this super cut owl mold. Let it set and take them out. For the packaging I took some cellophane and I wrap the soap in it and then add a cut ribbon.

4 For the last one take piece of green cardboard and make a strip like so. And kind of measure the size of the chocolate that is going to go inside and then fold the strip making squares of that size and keep going making kind of an accordion shape. To get that flip it over after each fold. Attach an extra strip if you need so because we need to get 11 squares. Then fold then to get triangles like this. And secure them with some tape, you will get something like this. Then do the same with 7 squares that will give you 3 triangles, and then with 3 squares that make 1 triangle. Place them one over the other to get one big triangle, full of little triangles. And hide the sides gluing more cardstock strips. And then just attach a ribbon for decoration. And of course finally add your candy or chocolates.


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Nick Streitz says:

I love it

Shayla B. Arnold says:

what kind of Vaseline, like any Vaseline?

Sage Yvonne says:

I really like the soap one, i had already bought a gift for my mom, but i think i will add the soap one as well because it is so cute

Nadine Dessa says:

You deserve waaay more subscribers! Your stuff is really creative and super adorable! :3

DIYwithPenguin says:

My clay turned yellow while it dried. Is it supposed to yellow?

DIY Star says:

which country she is from?

Rou Ben says:

Any substitute for cornstarch?

Lesly Le says:

you coped a YouTube

15Thegirlnextdoor15 says:

How did u melt soap? 😉 that was an amazing idea!

ColdMountain says:

thank you so much for the soap and necklace idea my mum will love it!

Walia Sadaqat says:

Which glue did you used

Braulio Perez says:

can you use aclrlic paint

Jayda Celestin says:

I am new to your channel and your videos are so awsome ☺☺

The Swag One says:

I love the triangle one

Daire Chavez says:

this looks like idunn godess

xXSnowFlakeDreamXx says:

thank you for the ideas! I’ve always thinking of what gift I should give to my friends!

ady Dulay says:

great job sue…. I really love your artworks,get well soon!

Gymnastics Girl Jade says:

did u hear that guys she like i feel sick so feel sorry for me

Kawaii Wafflee says:

You just said you don’t have gliserian soap where you live!

Madison Nova says:

how long did it take for the silicone to dry on the sponge? ill be making that one 🙂

Tyree Anderson says:

her voice is giving me life. and hese ideas are so cool

Mrs unicorn says:

I’m not mean but her accent is Fucking halarious

Mïşş Đevîl says:

OMG!!! this video is realllllllllllllllllllllllllly greattttttttttttt

蔡佩雯 says:

We make clay can use school glue?

Manoj Jalan says:


Alexa XOXO says:

Her voice is so annoying and cringed

EmDIYs says:

u sound retarted

Sara Saleem says:

which oil are you using for tge clay ?

ThisIsAReallyLongUsername :3 says:

what is wrong with her she was like “so feel sorry for me” like gurl u aint my mom

the best123 says:

what kind of oil for the clay

Maria Guzman says:

sooooooo cool and cuute

Kitty Lover says:

Can i use something instead of vaseline?
or just don’t use it?

Abby Wood says:

I can find something wrong with all of these

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