DIY GIFTS For Friends and Family! DIY Easy Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love!

DIY GIFTS For Friends and Family! DIY Easy Christmas Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love! DIY Gifts For Friends Family Teachers! DIY Gift ideas!

Hey everyone! For today’s video I wanted to show you some really easy and cheap DIY Gift Ideas for Friends and Family! These gifts would also be perfect for teachers! Christmas is just around the corner so I hope this video gives you some last minute DIY gift ideas! Thank you so much for watching!

Gillian xx


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CookieCute Slime says:

They are so cute!!!!

Alizay Jahangir says:

For the bath bombs u can’t add glitter because it damages the environment barcause if a fish digests it clogges the fish throat. This video was sooooo amazing!!!

Rachael Toheriri says:

Hey I know it is quite late commenting but I am using my mums account and only three years old and I’m a big fan so I wondering if you could make the huge slime thats really big!Cause I’ve only seen you make small slimes

Guillermo Salazar says:

My favorite was the bath bomb

Jason Supon says:

i loved the video

IloveGOD2u says:

Christmas Snow globe 1:26

Lps Vanila Customs says:

Thank you so much you make my friends so happy whit this DIY-s .they just ask me “how”

matt dailey says:

I loved the cookies the best they were so festive and cool

Olivia Stirling says:

I watch you every day and love our videos!

Divya Kaur says:

Gillian I lllllooooovvvveeeee u are amazing and do u like unicorns

Olivia Gaming123 says:

Oml! I found your channel in the morning just because I wanted to know how to make slime and I just cant stop watching your vidoes now! O.O Your such a talented person Gillian

Anya Malhotra says:

i loved the snow globe

brianna galloway says:

I loved the the snow globe it was so cute, and those cookies looked so delicious but, my favs were the bath boms

glitter and glow says:

I liked the bath bomd and the really nice cookies you did such a good job on both

ilayda nazli says:

I am in your give away

Jasica Pal says:

I did the photo blocks and and you can use a block of styrofoam it’s better and easier!

Ingrid Kleinhenz says:

Hi Gillian! Love the vid! Can you please start doing more giveaways on you YouTube channel because there usually on your Instagram

The Cool K’s says:

I love you so much! I wish I could meet you❤️

Zha Rogers says:

I love your video xx

shivani Garg says:

Wow Gillian I love your videos and you

Rachael Toheriri says:

And since I’m a a big fan my mum doesn’t know I’m doing this but I’m doing this for you because I’m risking something huge so could you please please pretty please make big slime

Paromita Sundas Dey says:

I love love love love all of them but my most favourite was the cookies

Ella Mythen says:

What’s your next video

shivani Garg says:

Which editing app

Kanchana Murugesan says:

super gifts

momo19767 says:

I love you

Peggy Manola2 says:

You are so creative!! But i realy miss your hot pink hair

Caitlin Jeffress says:

Omg I loved the cookies

Kkayori says:

The one with pictures

Sara Warren says:

Thx for using my name as an example (Sara) for Merry Christmas “Sara”

ilayda nazli says:

I don’t get present on Christmas because I am Muslim and Turkish I live in uk

Unicorn Gaab says:

I really want to make the bath bombs

ilayda nazli says:

I love your vidsThere awesome

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