DIY Gifts for best friends (Part 3!) Easy, Last Minute Gift Idea DIY Guide | Natasha Rose

Today I will be showing you how to make some easy, inexpensive presents for your best friends! These are all things I’d give to my friends, or inspired by gifts I’ve made in the past, so hopefully you can draw some inspiration, whethr you are looking for diy birthday presents, or christmas/holiday gift ideas.


NOTE: This is a scheduled upload as I’m overseas at the moment. To be honest, I didn’t sleep the entire night before my flight because I was editing, and uploaded this at 5am before I left LOL
So apologies if the editing is dodgy in some parts, unfortunately I cant change it at this point, and i really wanted to schedule the upload before I left as i cant make videos in south america:( thanks for understanding! xx

Share your re-creations on Instagram and tag me @natashar0se, and I will like and comment on everyones pictures! 🙂 You can also message me on tumblr if you ever want to say hi! (linked below)

Have a wonderful day 🙂
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✦How old are you?
-Im 19!
✦Where are you from/what accent is that?
-Australia 🙂
✦Who are your favourite DIY youtubers?
-I love watching Laurdiy, Hayley Williams, The Sorry Girls, Annika Victoria, and Katherine Elizabeth! There are so many lmao
✦Who are your favourite vegan youtubers?
-Bonnyrebecca, Annie Tarasova, Avalon Hope, Earthlingmaxi, (Essena Oneill RIP), and Unnatural Vegan.. again, there are so many haha
✦Can we suggest diy projects?
-Yes! Comment what you want me to make next! 🙂


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Stevany Lubenova says:

I love your videos
You are amazing♥♥♥

Millie. says:

Your ideas are always the most original ones 🙂 Good job, I always love your videos you deserve many more subscribers 🙂 Also, I love your quiet and “down to earth” personality ❣️

Sam Winchester says:

am i the only one who is thinking about the scene where donna found the doctor again 3:09 or is it just me?

WizardWithRedLips says:

love your ideas 😀

prabhu kumar says:

hi guys plz see & subscribe my channel

E. Raaziah says:


The Haute Pink Diary says:

I love how great quality your videos are! keep up the great content

Natural Kayy says:

y dont you post anymore

Sarahlolharrypotteryay says:

Your voice is always so relaxing and calm, I love you videos!

Zahra Umar says:

I love this vid, Its really creative. But i think you should be more happy and maybe add some music in the backround. Just wanted to tell you im not hating or anything. I mean I love the DIYs. Just wanted to give some advice. Please do some more videos like these.

Painted Confetti says:

Natasha your handwriting is sooo good! i would love it if you replied! you are my favorite Youtuber!

Coco Tsaur says:

Did you delete your part 2? I cant find it ahhaha

Lilly Morgan says:

Canned soil?

Jeniveve says:

Still in love with your videos Natasha! Love your creative noggin and absolutely love how pleasing your videos are on the eyes x

Andrea Casillas says:

Can you make more diy gifts for boyfriend? Love your vids

SWDancer 2006 says:

This is so. Good!

Dhila Xmania First says:

im late 🙁

Harir says:

First like and comment!

marilyn58 says:

Plz make more vids

marilyn58 says:

I’m sad u stoped

The Ginger One says:

The terrarium is sooo cute!

Areej Farooq says:


Mrs. Larifari says:

These are awesome ideas! – As always! ♥

Kiwidradi says:

I love your vids but if you want more subs and views have more emotion. I know it’s hard to edit and such and I’m not hating I’m just giving some advice.

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