DIY Gift Ideas for Teenagers/Best Friends

Hey guys! Today I’ve got some DIY gift ideas for you to try!

Angelina’s Video:
DIY Gifts for Guys:

These make great presents for teens or for your best friend, and they’re pretty unique and easy to make. I thought I would upload this because Christmas is coming up (and its time to start getting presents organised!!) but you can also make these for any other holiday: mothers day, birthday, an anniversary, idk fathers day, or whatever! If you make any of these gifts for your friends or family, tag me on Instagram or tumblr, I love getting inspired by your recreations! I’ll be uploading another DIY gifts video next week, so make sure to subscribe for more DIYs 🙂

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Share your re-creations on Instagram and tag me @natashar0se, and I will like and comment on everyones pictures! 🙂 You can also message me on tumblr if you ever want to say hi! (linked below)

Have a wonderful day 🙂
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Ryma Pommes says:

Love your enthusiasm

Lady Dukes says:

The first one is good for a trip

j M.H says:

Cool video!! God bless you girl

Keanne Harrison says:

I loved this video! Then you suggested ‘best friend’ bracelets and ruined the whole video for me. DIY friendship bracelets for teens? Seriously? Nah.

Amira Maki says:

do u have any makeup

Sonam Is My Name says:

my friend: hey you wanna come to my birthday party
me: sure but when is it?
my friend: tomorrow
me: Yeah sure ill come yeahhhhh heheeheheFUCK

Serena Panda says:


Julianne Olivarria says:

I like the first one only

Lil says:

SONG?!?!?? for the beginning part of the video. someone pleaseee

Riley Hempstead says:

You should learn to smile more

Bitch Flawless says:

not tryna be mean but at the beginning of the video u said video so weird

TheFruit GirlsOfJapan says:

Very helpful

Alina Leon says:

I made 2 of you’re diy’s

Raven Cole says:

What I hate about this is in the intro she said “these are gifts that I like, so I guess they’re a bit more relevant.”

Lextreme Lexi says:

You’re a life saver! Thank you!!

Phoenix Zwiers says:

your pretty

Leah'sDIY says:

I so did the makeup brush holder one and my bff loved it so much!!! tell me if any of u ppl made it too!!!

Made by Me says:

I just came here to wrote this and get likes

Rosario Aguilera says:

Can u speak louder

Sophie Harrison says:

Only one of these were useful

DoluxiaDorothy Loves says:

I seriously cant do any of this

Julia mei says:

shes so cute!

Olivia Termaat says:

Totally making these things!!❤

kailee nel says:

desription is bad

Maya Scott says:

oml she lives under the stairs like harry potter

Vel Murugan says:

can we use fevicol for the first idea.

Norma's Daughter Cupcake Jaydi! says:

New subbie!!! I loveeee the tea bag craft!!!

Hannah Louise says:

I got it at the dollar store for TWO DOLLARS FIFTY

Jèssicà 889 says:

my friend wants a very exspenvie shirt from hot topic so insead of spending $78.45 i can just get a black shirt in her size and get printer sheats and fins the same pictures from the shirt she wants and print them and there and its only going to cost around maybe $30 $21 lol so its a win win

Crafts with Cole says:

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! 🙂

Majo Mendez says:

OMG that shirt! Its gorgeous (3:36) I love that band!

Jackie Lopez says:

Actually my bff is going to be a pre teen (12) tomorrow March 8,2017

Jeena Haoladar says:

Hey Natasha, I tweaked and revamped my leather sling bag into one of those make-up brush rolls except i am using it for electronic chords and portables.

jyena yena mac says:

yay posted on my bday

Morgan TV says:

Of all the gift I gave her, Still I am single

Pamelia Brooke says:

Can you pls make a diy b’day gift ideas for tomboys….

SimpleNotBasic says:

Omg I feel like she looks like Gigi Hadid

LifeWithLina says:

Enjoyed watching your video <3



My name is Angelina so I feel special

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